The Baby hitmaker become a wanted man in the Latin American country after failing to return to Buenos Aires for police questioning over an incident with photographer Diego Pesoa in November 2013.

Pesoa claimed the singer's bodyguards attacked him on Bieber's orders as he attempted to snap pictures of the star leaving a nightclub while on tour in Argentina, and he had to seek hospital treatment for his injuries.

Buenos Aires investigators sought to question Bieber over the alleged attack, and in November (14), a judge set a 60-day deadline for the pop superstar to appear before a court in the country or face having an international warrant issued for his arrest.

In April (15), the judge issued the warrant, and Bieber was facing up to a year behind bars if charged with causing minor injuries.

However, an Argentinian court has now notified Interpol Argentina to withdraw the warrant and erase it from the system, according to a new report from The reasons for the decision have not been made public.