Justin Bieber took another tumble during his ‘Purpose’ tour on Wednesday night (July 29), while performing in Jacksonville, Florida. This is the second fall of Justin’s caught on camera in less than a month and comes just a week after he sprained his foot playing basketball.

In videos shared by fans on social media, Justin is seen slipping on the wet stage during a rendition of ‘Sorry’. In the live show the stage fills up with water when Justin performs the 2015 hit and in April he also lost his footing during the song.

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After the fall, Justin got reflective and told fans: "Life's about taking falls, and life's about getting back up!” before continuing on with the show. Justin’s mishap hopefully didn't aggravate his foot, which was sprained last week during a game of basketball.

Sharing a photo of his sprained foot resting in some ice on Instagram last Friday, Justin told fans. “Gonna be taking it easy tonight on stage sprained my ankle playing ball smh all good still gonna crush.”

The singer also made headlines just last month when he fell through a hole in the stage during a concert in Saskatoon, Canada, the incident was of course caught on camera. The singer was walking across the stage when he failed to notice the hole, which is one of several on the stage that the singer and his dancers rise up from during the show.

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After disappearing through the hole, Justin got right back up, seemingly unharmed but a little embarrassed. The 22-year-old then told the crowd: Good thing I'm like a cat and I landed on my feet. That scared the f--- outta me."