Justin Bartha has confirmed his split from Ashley Olsen.

It was reported in March that the 'Hangover Part II' star and The Fashion designer had decided to call time on their two-year romance and while they had initially refused to discuss the status of their relationship, Justin has now admitted he's single.

He said: "We're not together anymore."

When it was reported the pair had split, sources close to them insisted the break-up was amicable and nobody else was involved.

The news came just five months after it was reported Justin was planning to propose, with a friend saying: "He's in love and just waiting for the right time."

When they first started dating in 2008, Ashley, 24, reportedly told friends she thought 32-year-old Justin was "the one" for her.

A source: "Ashley is so in love and really happy with Justin, even though it's only been six months. She has been telling her family how much she loves this guy and how sweet he is."

Last year, Justin revealed how Ashley wouldn't give him fashion advice despite her having three successful clothing labels with Twin Sister Mary-Kate.

When asked if she tells him what to wear, Justin said: "Clearly not. That's what she does for a living, but she definitely doesn't tell me what to wear - she's not shallow."