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Justice Justice Album

Gallic dance duo Justice have proved a somewhat divisive concept for dance fans to take of late, too mainstream for the underground crowd, and too edgy for the mainstream. Justice's debut album borrows liberally from both camps and as a result is as big a triumph as Daft Punk's seminal Homework.

While their hit Simian remix 'We Are Your Friends' is absent here, there are still many gems to be found on this eclectic collection. 'D.A.N.C.E.' is addictively sugary, and shows that they can do dance-pop as well as anyone, whereas the opening brace of 'Genesis' and 'Let There Be Light' toy with the ideas of religiosity put forward by the album's title by filtering church organs through squonky effects.

The thing that makes this record such a joy is that it has so many points of reference, 'The Party' would be pure old-school hip-hop if it wasn't for the tranquilised backing, and fan-favourite 'Waters of Nazareth' is a grinding and abrasive slice of straight house, that makes a perfect partner to the aptly named 'Stress'.

The weakest offering here is probably the rather lightweight instrumental, 'Valentine', but even that has a purpose, as a kind of light relief after the punishing onslaught of 'Phantom Pts I and II'.

At twelve tracks long it's shorter than most dance albums, but there are a lot of ideas packed into it, and no time for filler. Justice have created arguably the best dance album, and one of the best overall albums, of the year so far.

Ben Davy

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