Review of A Cross The Universe Album by Justice

Review of Justices' album A Cross The Universe

Justice A Cross The Universe Album

French duo Justice have received much acclaim with their Grammy nominated first album released on Ed Banger Records. Justice following from their peers Daft Punk have created an equally sophisticated sound however this is a harder, dirtier version that is like thrash electro with serious bass popping and heavy synths. It creates a compelling sound that is becoming very popular with the kids and dance heads alike.

'A Cross The Universe' is a live album and DVD documentary from their recent tours. Fans that have seen Justice will not be surprised to hear 'Genesis' after the 'Intro' as its usual opener. It's a phat track! An absorbing heavyweight tune that slaps you straight in the face. It definitely locks you into the heart of Justice. 'Phantom Part1 &1.5' follow with 'Phantom 2' to come on later through the album and the crowd is going crazy. 'D.A.N.C.E' follows that some people will recognise due the release last year. It sounds proper heavy! 'DVNO' sounds great as well and 'Two Minutes to Midnight' is working. As you'd expect you hear 'We Are Your Friends' that is built up really slowly getting the crowd singing along and then it hit into it with a thrash metal track played half way through to keep the crowd interested and showing what influences this French duo have absorbed. The final track also shows this influence also.

Justice are wicked! There's no getting out of it. They create compelling dance music that does what you want; it gets you dancing and makes you feel alive. They certainly have their own style that is heavy, dirty and contemporary. 'A Cross The Universe' shows what it must be like to see them live with all the applause from an eager crowd and a great atmosphere. I'd heard of Justice and some singles but I'm definitely buying their first album now. Class!

Tareck Ghoneim

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