Just Married hunk Ashton Kutcher has highly annoyed yet another celebrity with his PUNK'D pranks.

Kutcher, whose antics reportedly led to a violent reaction from members of the Black Eyed Peas' entourage in a makeshift brothel last month (APR04), has now upset NEW YORK YANKEES baseball ace Alex Rodriguez.

In December (03), Rodriguez was dining with his wife at Los Angeles' FORBIDDEN CITY when a waiter posing as a loudmouth BOSTON RED SOX fan provoked the sportsman.

A source says, "The waiter basically called A-ROD a loser who had never been on a winning team."

The prank quickly became "very dicey" and, after the gag was exposed, Rodriguez refused to sign a release form - and also insisted that the tape be destroyed.

Rodriguez tells America's PEOPLE magazine of the prank, "It was a good idea. It was just bad timing."

07/05/2004 19:24