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Just Jack
Glory Days
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Just Jack Glory Days Album

I was weary about listening to this album due to the single 'Starz In Their Eyes' that was constantly promoted on national radio that I felt was slightly unjustified. I could merit uniqueness however it all seemed a bit soft and too pop for hip hop. Obviously the originality of UK MC's and our take on beats are pushing things forward. But we have to ask Just Jack are you the real deal?

Well such is the joy of our musical atmosphere in Britain, where originality can flourish and voices can be heard, there does indeed seem a place for Just Jack. There's no frontin in these shores. After all how can you be ghetto with all these opportunities? Therefore why not bring about creativity and a contemporary sound with all the honest influences that surrounds us. Just Jack seems to do just that. His lyrics are honest and delivered in a lazy singing mcing fashion that certainly has character and blues. The music is laid back that is soulful, jazzy, and experimental all with a live band feel. It creates a good vibe combined with the lyrics to make it relevant for our times.

This album is good. It captures the times of introspection and doesn't miss the party that's going on also. It creates a snapshot of our contemporary moment so it's easy to listen to. It's seems more like a stepping stone than a heavyweight punch but could make a nice light slice for lunch.

Tareck Ghoneim

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