Julio Iglesias wants to sing with One Direction.

The 70-year-old crooner - who has three grown-up children with first wife Isabel Preysler and five kids with current spouse Miranda Rijnsburger - thinks teaming up with the British boy band would impress his 13-year-old daughter Cristina and Victoria, who are both fans of the 'Little Things' stars.

He told fansite OneDirectionJoy.com: ''My daughters would be very happy if I could do something with One Direction. But who knows?''

And even if Julio - who is the father of 'Hero' hitmaker Enrique Iglesias - doesn't get to work with One Direction, he has a string of other pop stars on his collaboration wish-list, though he knows it may not be easy to make them happen.

He added: ''I promise that in a year I will surprise everyone with music made with a young generation of people.

''I want to do something special singing with Bruno Mars or Justin Timberlake and with some other younger artists.

''It's not easy for me to be able to reach the young generations because I belong to a classical style like Frank Sinatra or Dolly Parton.''