The Emma star plays Mother Teresa in new movie The Letters, and she took to the streets of India wearing the late nun's iconic blue and white outfit during the shoot.

Juliet reveals many locals in the country, where Mother Teresa lived for most of her life, are still full of reverence and they were keen to touch her costume as a mark of respect for the beloved missionary, who died in 1997.

"Locals who remember (her) revere her," Juliet tells the New York Post. "I walked in her familiar white sari and blue band and, thinking it might change their lives, people reached to touch my garment."

The actress goes on to reveal she struggled during the shoot because of the soaring temperatures.

"Filming was difficult..." she adds. "We shot in hot, humid India (for) two months. Me in a wool nun's habit, like when she first taught in Calcutta's slums. Scenes weren't easy."

Juliet made efforts to study Mother Teresa's life and work, but insists she did not live like a nun during filming.

"My husband didn't become celibate... Nor did I swear less," she explains. "But I studied her 40 years of lonely, anguished faith. I researched, Googled her records, documentaries, visited her convent, watched her body movements. And added brown-coloured contact lenses. No hair problems because hers was covered. And no make-up, so I look terrible."

The Letters was released in the U.S. earlier this month (Dec15).