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Paddington Bear Makes Debut In Funny New Trailer…Minus His Voice

Colin Firth Nicole Kidman Jim Broadbent Julie Walters Sally Hawkins Hugh Bonneville Paul King

Missing the lead actor in your movie four months before its release? No problem! As was evidently thought by director Paul King and the makers of the upcoming children's adaptation, Paddington. A new trailer has been released for the live action movie, which is based on Michael Bond's Paddington Bear creation, whilst neatly side-stepping the absence of a voice for the titular brown bear.

Paddington  New Trailer
A New 'Paddington' Trailer Shows The Little Bear Up To No Good In A Bathroom.

Colin Firth had been cast as the voice of Paddington - the only animated character in the movie - but stepped away from the role after it was decided that his tones didn't fit theanimation. "It's been bittersweet to see this delightful creature take shape and come to the sad realisation that he simply doesn't have my voice," the actor explained last month.

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Paddington Trailer

Paddington is a young Peruvian bear who has always held a curiosity for the city of London. After his equally adventurous Aunt Lucy's home is destroyed, she decides to send him off to England after teaching him all about a famous explorer she once knew who lives there. Unfortunately, when Paddington gets to Paddington Station, he has no idea where he is or how to even exit the place. After struggling with the various signs for a long while, he is eventually spotted by the kindly Brown family, who agree to take him in until he can find out the whereabouts Aunt Lucy's explorer friend. However, Paddington's life skills aren't up to scratch and he's about to learn that there's a lot more to life in London than he initially thought. Meanwhile, he is forced to defend his life when his presence is acknowledged by an evil bear taxidermist.

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Paddington - Teaser Trailer

Paddington is a bear who has lived with his Aunt Lucy in Peru since he was young. She taught him all about an explorer she once knew and shared her dreams of jetting over to England. She decides to send him off on a boat to England after her home is destroyed, but rather than being thrilled at the prospect of being in a country he has yearned to see for so many years, young Paddington is left confused, alone and frightened in the bustling Paddington Station in London. Soon though, he has a stroke of luck when a kind family called the Browns take him in whilst he attempts to track down the explorer he has heard so much about. However, things don't run smoothly for Paddington, who finds himself running for his life from a cruel, money-loving taxidermist with an eye for rare bears.

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One Chance Trailer

When Paul Potts, an opera singer, auditioned for the first series of 'Britain's Got Talent' in 2007, he blew everyone away with his incredibly powerful vocals. Going on to win the show was a surprise to no-one, and it was not just his soulful arias that moved audiences, but his own emotional life story. Growing up he was frequently bullied and found consolation only in that of operatic music. Later, he met his devoted wife Julie-Ann Cooper who relentlessly encouraged him to perform and attend an opera school in Italy. His lack of confidence in himself caused most other people not to believe in him, but he took a brave step in leaving his job as a shop manager and giving 'BGT' a good shot - a decision that would change his life beyond recognition forever.

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Colin Firth Will Put On His Wellies & Raincoat As He Lends His Voice To Paddington Bear

Colin Firth Hugh Bonneville Julie Walters Jim Broadbent Nicole Kidman

Colin Firth has agreed to play Paddington Bear in a re-boot of the famed Michael Bond books about a bear from Peru with a taste for marmalade. In the original Bond books, Paddington is found by the Brown family in London's Paddington Station after getting lost on the way over from his South American homeland. It is thought that the origins from the book will be mirrored on to the screen.

Colin Firth
Colin Firth will play the marmalade-loving bear

In a discussion with the Daily Mail, Firth revealed that the movie will all be live action, except for the computer animated Paddington. Firth also revealed that as well as providing the voice for Paddington, his facial expressions will be mapped and used by the animators to construct the Paddington we see on stage, using the same methods used to capture Gollum in the Lord of the Rings films.

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'The Hollow Crown': Shakespeare 4-Play Miniseries Out Soon On DVD

Ben Whishaw Sam Mendes Jeremy Irons Julie Walters Simon Russell Beale David Morrissey

Shown last summer on BBC2, the spectacular, four-part, historical drama series, The Hollow Crown will be available to buy on DVD and to digitally download at the end of this month. The episodes began being broadcast in June 2012 and were brought to life by Skyfall director Sam Mendes who executively produced the episodes for the BBC channel.

The Hollow Crown

The drama series features four of Shakespeare's plays, or the 'Henriad' as they are often collectively known: Richard II, Henry IV Part 1, Henry IV Part 2 and Henry V. Across the four episodes star Ben Whishaw as King Richard II, Jeremy Irons as King Henry VI, Tom Hiddlestone as King Henry V and Patrick Stewart as John of Gaunt.

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The Hollow Crown Trailer

The first episode of this series is 'Richard II' detailing the life of the King between 1398 and 1400; his greed, his severity in regards to his subjects and his eventual overthrow by his cousin Henry Bolingbroke, who, after claiming the throne, had Richard imprisoned and later murdered. The second two episodes are based on Bolingbroke, now dubbing himself Henry IV, who's Kingship has brought with it a revolt with the Percy family. His son, the future Henry V, is determined to be King one day, but with a disapproving father who'd rather Henry Percy (aka Hotspur) become his heir, there is understandable bloodshed. The final episode tells the story of Henry V, who struggles with the complexity of war and his own moral standing as a ruler.

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'Justin And The Knights Of Valour' Attempts To Break A Crowded Marketplace [Trailer + Pictures]

Freddie Highmore Saoirse Ronan Mark Strong Antonio Banderas Olivia Williams Charles Dance Julie Walters Alfred Molina Rupert Everett Tamsin Egerton David Walliams

It’s been a pretty solid year for animated features so far; Wreck it Ralph, Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University all performed solidly with the critics and in the box office. But it hasn’t been all plain sailing – films like Turbo and Escape From Planet Earth haven’t gone down too well.

Justin and the Knights of ValourCan Justin, voiced by Highmore, learn the ways of the Knight?

There was a time when all animated films were basically the best films ever: Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, Toy Story(s), Up – but now there seems to be room for some pretty average efforts. Striking up some cute characters with big eyes, pitting them against a baddie and creating a weird little fella for comic relief just doesn’t cut it anymore.

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Justin and the Knights of Valour Trailer

Justin is an average boy with big dreams living in a Kingdom where the Queen has enlisted lawyers instead of knights. However, Justin wants more than anything in the world to become one the latter, just like his deceased grandfather Sir Roland. He must embark on a quest to train to become the best knight he can and on the way meets his three mentors, Blucher, Legantir and Braulio, a wacky wizard named Melquiades and the very beautiful Talia. Sooner than he'd hoped, he finds his first challenge; Sir Heraclio and his sidekick Sota are attempting to raise an army to defeat the Kingdom, leaving Heraclio crowned king. Justin must protect the Kingdom he was brought up in and, in doing so, purloin his grandfather's old sword from Heraclio's clutches.

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Harry Hill And Julie Walters Race Scooters For 'The Harry Hill Movie' [Pictures]

Harry Hill Julie Walters Jim Broadbent Matt Lucas Sheridan Smith

Forget The Fast & The Furious! This week, comedian Harry Hill and British movie legend Julie Walters took to their scooters and powered through a quiet London suburb to film scenes from Hill's new movie Harry Hill The Movie. In a pretty hilarious looking scene, the comedian drives a yellow mobility scooter in typically slapstick fashion, falling off it at one point as Walters - who plays his grandmother - cackles away.

Iconic actress Walters was almost unrecognizable in a white frizzy wig, dark sunglasses and purple jacket while Hill was dressed as, well, Harry Hill. The comedian opted for his signature suit with big collared shirt and creeper shoes. The movie follows Harry and his grandmother as they attempt to get his pet hamster from London to a vet in Blackpool before the clock winds down. It's seems a pretty silly premise, though Harry has assembled quite for the cast for the movie, including revered actor Jim Broadbent, comedian Matt Lucas and recent Olivier award winner Sheridan Smith.

Directed by Steve Bendelack and co-written by Harry, Jon Forster and James Lamont, the movie is due to hit cinemas later in the year.

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The Harry Hill Movie To Commence Filming Soon, With An All-Star Cast Included

Harry Hill Julie Walters Sheridan Smith

Harry Hill is trying his hand at movie writing, with the TV Burp comic said to have begun filming on his first ever big screen attempt. The Harry Hill Movie has lined up a who's who of British comedy talent to star alongside Hill, who is staring in and co-writing the film.

Julie Walters, Matt Lucas, newly crowned BAFTA queen Sheridan Smith and Jim Broadbent are just some of the stars who have agreed to the film, with Walters starring as the comic's nan, and Lucas his estranged Alsatian-raised twin brother Otto. The film will see the funnyman embark on a road trip to Blackpool with his alcoholic grandmother after discovering that his hamster only has one week to live.

Harry Hill
Harry Hill will hopefully release a more entertaining film than Keith Lemon managed.

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Brave Review

Pixar continues pushing boundaries with this lavishly animated Scottish adventure, which centres on an involving mother-daughter relationship. The characters are wonderfully vivid, even if the film never quite achieves the transcendence of its nearest Pixar relative, Ratatouille.

In the 10th century highlands, Princess Merida (voiced by Macdonald) is annoyed that her only fate seems to be to choose a suitor from three eligible losers.

She'd much rather be out having epic adventures and making her own history. Her mother, Queen Elinor (Thompson), struggles to keep Merida in line, to say nothing of her rambunctious husband, King Fergus (Connolly), and three tearaway young sons. When Merida's frustration boils over, she consults a witch (Walters) about a spell that will sort her mother out. Of course, what happens isn't what she had in mind.

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Brave Trailer

Princess Merida is the daughter of the warrior, King Fergus and his wife, Queen Elinor. She is also the eldest of four; she has three younger brothers, Hamish; Hubert and Harris, who are a set of triplets. Being part of the royal family means she has to sit and watch a Scottish tradition: the first born son showcasing his archery.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 Trailer

Harry Potter and his friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, continue their search for Voldemort's Horcruxes - dark magical objects that help the user gain immortality. Having found and destroyed one Horcrux - a locket belonging to Hogwarts founder Salazar Slytherin - the three friends travel from Ron's older brother Bill Weasley's house by the sea to the wizarding bank, Gringotts and then to Hogwarts to look for the final remaining Horcruxes.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1) Trailer

The final instalment of the Harry Potter series is almost upon us! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will bring the much loved set of films to a close.

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Educating Rita Review

Very Good
Educating Rita is a charming but ultimately uninventive Pygmalion-style tale that would go nowhere without sparkling performances by Michael Caine and especially by Julie Walters as a 26-year-old lower-class striver who just wants to make something better of herself... even if all her husband, family, and friends persist in trying to beat her down.

Seeking to complete her education, Rita (whose real name is the more mundane Susan -- she really is trying to reinvent herself) ends up in a university English lit class taught by the dissolute Dr. Frank Bryant (Caine), a drunken professor who goes through the motions with little respect for his subject matter or his students.

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Calendar Girls Review

Nigel Cole's empowering Calendar Girls calls to mind Peter Cattaneo's The Full Monty, though not just because it's about nude British people who have no business being in their birthday suits. Both imports work from simple one-line premises centered around the fundraising efforts of a cheeky lead (here it's Helen Mirren, while there it was Robert Carlyle). And each employs a sassy spirit of friendship over hardship that guarantees your heart will dance with empowered delight as the clothes continue to hit the floor.

As a rite of passage, American children join the scouts. Older British women, as a similar rite of passage, join the National Federation of Women's Institutes, shortened to the W.I. by its faithful members. The group holds true the notions of enlightenment, fun, and friendship, though lately they've been in a rut. Guest speakers to the group have brought the latest news on cauliflower. Not quite headline-worthy material.

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Billy Elliot Review

"Just because I like ballet, it doesn't mean I'm a poof," says 11-year-old British mamma's boy Billy Elliot (Jamie Bell). And that just about sums up the story of this oddball child prodigy. After all, when a lad from a northern British mining town forsakes his granddad's boxing gloves for a pair of satiny ballet slippers, it's more than the neighbors and townsfolk can comprehend and, therefore, inherently good cinematic drama.

Beyond the fact that the whole coal-miner's-kid-has-talent-and-big-dreams genre has been horrifically overdone from the earliest days of English-language narrative, Billy Elliot (aka Dancer) is actually a treat to watch. Maybe it's just the funny accents, but the dialog comes off fresh and surprising, even when it's just Billy's dad (played by Gary Lewis) saying some stock like, "No son of mine is going to be dancing ballet." In fact, Lewis conveys an intense fury through his role as the apparently ignorant father, while maintaining a sense of depth and dimension that is, at times, endearing.

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Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets Review


In his second big-screen outing, adolescent wizard Harry Potter is blessed with enough cinematic magic to overcome several of the very same problems that left last year's "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" feeling a little protracted and rambling.

Sure "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" spends twice as much screen time on atmosphere and adventure scenes than on plot and character. But this time around every episode seems relevant, which is a vast improvement over last year's film, bloated as it was with Quidditch matches and monster moments that didn't advance the plot one iota.

Returning director Chris Columbus retains the enchanted ambiance as Harry heads to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for his second year of instruction in the black arts. But nothing is ever easy for our young hero, as unseen forces seem to be conspiring against him -- not the least of which is some kind of elusive beast that's loose in Hogwarts' halls, turning students to stone.

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Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Review

Very Good

Harry Potter is growing up, and so is his movie franchise.Under the tutelage of a new director -- Alfonso Cuarón, known for both children's fare (the 1995 remake of "A Little Princess") and an edgy, insightfully soulful, sex-charged teen road-trip flick ("Y Tu Mama, Tambien") -- the boy wizard has graduated from the world of kiddie movie spectacles with tie-in toys.

"Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" is a film in which depth of character, cunning humor and hair-raising chills come shining through the visual blitzkrieg of special effects -- which are also magnificently improved over the series first two installments. Case in point: a half-horse, half-eagle creature called a Hippogriff that gives "Lord of the Rings'" Gollum a run for his money as the most life-like CGI creation in cinema history.

Beyond just its detailed feathers (which fluff when it shakes) or its golden eyes (which bore holes in the screen with obstinate personality), this winged equine's every movement, from its canter to its peck, is a studied yet natural, amazingly fluid amalgam of the two beasts that were combined to create it.

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Julie Walters

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Julie Walters

Date of birth

22nd February, 1950







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