‘Modern Family’ are set for a groundbreaking episode later this month, which will examine the way families now interact with each other through social media, their mobile phones and computers. The episode, entitled ‘Connection Lost’, was shot entirely using iPhones, iPads and MacBook Pros and took just two days to film, but over a month to plan and design.

Julie Bowen'Connection Lost' will focus on Julie Bowen's character Claire

The episode concerns Claire (Julie Bowen), who, when away on a business trip, becomes concerned about her daughter Haley's (Sarah Hyland) whereabouts. Claire then spends the entire episode frantically using Facetime, Facebook and the Web while waiting in an airport terminal, talking to other family members and trying to track down Haley.

The idea for the episode came after series co-creator Steve Levitan was sent a link to the award winning short film  Noah by his daughter, which similarly played out entirely on the computer screen of a teenager.

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Fans of the series will be happy to know that the episode features loads of inside jokes embedded into Claire’s laptop, according to Variety. Including a search that yields the title of a TV movie called “Not Without My Daughter’s Daughter.”

The writers were also careful to make sure everything that appears on screen feels entirely authentic. “We thought it would be silly to shoot amazing footage and then dumb it down,” Levitan told The Wrap. “It’s going to look amazingly gorgeous but yet real.”

Levitan also explained that everything from articles and emails seen in the episode were all meticulously written from scratch. ”You can stop and freeze and read everything,” he continued. “Every window, every bar, every line was put on by us.”

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This even includes the email addresses used by the different characters. “We purchased all the emails you see on the show,” said writer Megan Ganz. “So, if you email any of those addresses somebody on the show will get them.”

As fo rif we'll see any more episodes like this in the future, Levitan said it all depends on how well 'Connection Lost' is received. However the writer also added that the show always embraces new technology. “It’s a passion of mine," he said. "I’m super geeky with all this stuff.”

'Modern Family' airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.