Julie Bowen thinks Jennifer Aniston is "incredibly beautiful".

The 'Modern Family' actress - who stars with Jennifer in new movie 'Horrible Bosses', which also features Jason Bateman and Jamie Foxx - said she could tell how attractive the 'Friends' actress was just from being in the make-up trailer with her, before the pair even shot a scene together.

Julie told People magazine: "She's incredibly beautiful in the way that you think you could be if you got drunk enough and looked in the mirror just at the right angle.

"You think she's an accessible sort of beautiful. But you really can't get that beautiful on your own. You'd have to drink your way there."

'Horrible Bosses' - which stars Kevin Spacey and Donald Sutherland - features a trio of employees who set out to kill their employers because they are keeping their workers from being happy.

But Jennifer should be pleased with Julie's recent praise as the 'Boston Legal' actress added: "I've met her [Jennifer] a few times before, she's an incredibly nice person. I don't think I've ever heard a bad word said about her, and it's all true."