Julie Bowen claims her sons ''blackmail'' her for going to work.

The 'Modern Family' - who has three boys, Oliver, six, and four-year-old twins, Gustav and John, with her husband Scott Phillips - admits her children have learnt to use her busy schedule to their own advantage.

She told People.com: ''I would have to say with the boys past the toddler stage, some things are a lot easier. It is a lot harder though because the emotional blackmailing, manipulation is in full swing when I have to go to an event or just go out to dinner or go to work sometimes.

''I get a whole lot of blow back - barring the door, weeping in the driveway, demanding candy - 'I demand candy or I will never stop crying' - these kind of things.''

The 43-year-old star previously credited the show's writers, producers and actors for helping her to juggle filming with her real family.

She said: ''My schedule at 'Modern Family' is fantastic, so I didn't have to give up much. But I'm discovering that my kids now notice more when I'm gone, that they want more time and attention. So I shorten trips to a bare minimum or just don't go at all.''