Julie Bowen's son has broken the Emmy Award she received last month (Sep11) after using the trophy in a game of golf.
The Modern Family star won the Best Supporting Actress honour for her role in the series and proudly displayed her prize at home.
However, Bowen's three young boys put the award in their playroom - and her eldest, Oliver, accidentally broke the trophy during a golf game.
She tells U.S. talk show host Jay Leno, "My children think that the Emmy is an action hero or a toy, so I put it with the rest of their toys and that is (in) their playroom. Miss Emmy is ogled by Tickle Me Elmo...
"Unfortunately my eldest son Oliver thought it looked a lot like a golf ball being held up by a giant tee, so he took it outside... he broke it. He tee'd the ball, he hit the ball off the tee of the lady."