Dame Julie Andrews thinks it's "too late" for her to star in 'The Princess Diaries 3'.

The legendary actress - who played Queen Clarisse Renaldi of Genovia in the 2001 classic Disney comedy and its 2014 follow-up 'The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement', which both starred Anne Hathaway as Mia Thermopolis - has suggested the new movie may not be a sequel after all.

Addressing her potential involvement, she told The Hollywood Reporter: "I think we know that it's probably not going to be possible.

"It was talked about very shortly after two came out, but it's now how many years since then? And I am that much older and Annie the princess, or queen, is so much older.

"And I am not sure where it would float or run. In terms of us doing it, I doubt that now."

Back in June, the 87-year-old star admitted while there have been discussions about a sequel in the past, nothing ever happened - while she suggested the death of original director Garry Marshall in 2016 would also make things difficult.

She added: "I think it would be too late to do it now. There was talk of a sequel many, many years ago. But I don't think it ever came to pass.

"And Garry then did leave us. [For] especially me, it's too far down the line now to go back to it. It's a lovely thought, but I don't think it would probably be possible."

When it comes to the new film, Debra Martin Chase will be back as producer after working on the first two films, while 'The Other Women' and 'Godmothered' screenwriter Melissa Stack is serving as executive producer.

Aadrita Mukerji - known for her work on 'Reacher' and 'Supergirl' - is attached as screenwriter, and Hathaway previously suggested she would be on board to return for a sequel.

Back in October, she said: "If there’s any way to get Julie Andrews involved, I think we would make it work.

"We would go to where she was and put a green screen behind her and just make it happen.”