Julie Andrews says ''it's time'' for the 'Mary Poppins' movie to be remade.

The 80-year-old actress earned the Best Actress Oscar for her performance as the titular nanny who uses magic and an umbrella to fly in the beloved 1964 Disney film.

Julie has given her blessing to the film studio to re-imagine the tale so a new generation of kids can enjoy Mary's adventures with the Tomlinson kids - based on the book series by P.L. Travers - over 50 years on.

Asked who could take on the mantle of stepping into her shoes, Julie said: ''I've got a lot (of theories) actually but I'm not sure which one they'll go for or how they'll shape it. I really don't know. But look, it's 50 years since (the original) came out, so I think it's time.''

But the actress is pleased the plot of the new movie will tell a different story to her film.

Julie told the 'TODAY' show: ''Well, what I do know about it is it's not the original piece. I think there were seven 'Mary Poppins' books, because that was a series also. I think there were seven left in the Disney archives or vaults, and so those seven books are being developed as a movie.''

Elsewhere, the 'Sound of Music' actress has released her seventh children's book titled 'The Very Fairy Princess: A Spooky, Sparkly, Halloween' that's inspired by her granddaughter Hope, and Julie has revealed the books are being adapted into an animated TV series.