When 02.05.2013

'Magnolia' star Julianne Moore is interviewed about her new movie 'What Maise Knew' at the Soho Grande hotel in New York. She talks about playing music, balancing motherhood and work, and her upcoming projects.

In the movie she plays a rockstar despite never playing the guitar before. 'I learned about three chords, I worked on them very hard', she explains. 'I learned enough just to be able to handle a guitar and kind of look like I knew what I was doing.' While her character struggled to balance being a mother and working, Julianne talks of her pleasure of working at home with the movie being shot next door to her house. 'As long as you can get up with your kids, get them breakfast, get them to school and if you're there when they come home at night, that's the perfect life', she says. She is asked what her upcoming movie projects are for 2013. '[Carrie] comes out in the Fall, a movie called 'Seventh Sun' with Jeff Bridges and a movie called 'Don Jon', Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut', she reveals.


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