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13th February 2017

Fact: Julianne Moore and Molly Ringwald's daughters made their modelling debuts for J. Crew in New York at the weekend (11-12Feb17). Both Moore and Ringwald were among the fashion elite to cheer on 14-year-old kid Liv Freundlich and Mathilda Gianopoulos, 13, as they modelled the brand's latest teen designs.

5th May 2016

Quote: "I love clothes, but I wish I was a more imaginative dresser; I'm better at interiors. I admire people who are able to do it easily, it takes me a lot of thought." Julianne Moore admits style doesn't come easy to her.

11th April 2016

Fact: Actresses Lupita Nyong'o, Julianne Moore, and Mariska Hargitay were saluted for their charity efforts at Variety's Power of Women: New York event on Friday (08Apr16). Ballet star Misty Copeland, fashion designer Vera Wang, and U.S. newswoman Megyn Kelly were also honoured at the bash.

14th February 2016

Quote: "Despite my laryngitis, I'm so happy to have been asked to present this particular award." Julianne Moore presented the Best Leading Actor award to Leonardo Dicaprio for The Revenant even though she was ill at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards on Sunday night (14Feb16).

6th October 2015

Quote: "I love to talk and I talk about (all types of things). I was talking to one guy and... he goes, 'Just one second, could you be quiet for one moment?' and I was like, 'Yeah,' (and I zipped my lips). I was talking a lot." Self-confessed "chatty Cathy" Julianne Moore was once asked by an unnamed co-star to stop talking so much in between takes.

9th July 2015

Fact: Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore is the new face of a cancer charity campaign. The Still Alice star has been named ambassador of the Key To The Cure 2015 drive and models a T-shirt created by designer Jason Wu which will be sold in Saks Fifth Avenue stores from October (15) to raise money for the Entertainment Industry Foundation's Stand Up to Cancer drive. The initiative is in its 17th year and previous models have included Jennifer Aniston, Penelope Cruz and Gwyneth Paltrow.

27th April 2015

Fact: Actress-turned-TV personality Kelly Ripa is set to be honoured with the Excellence in Media prize at U.S. charity GLAAD's 2015 Media Awards. The prize will be presented by newsman Anderson Cooper at the ceremony in New York next month (May15) in recognition of her support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. Previous recipients of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation's accolade include Tyra Banks, Diane Sawyer and Julianne Moore.

29th January 2015

Quote: "She’s very funny. When I first met her, I was sitting in the makeup trailer, and our makeup artist was testing something, and Jennifer came in. I said, 'Oh, let me get up'. She goes, 'No, no, no. You sit there. And I'll secretly resent you'." Julianne Moore insists her The Hunger Games co-star Jennifer Lawrence is a comic.

29th January 2015

Quote: "When I went to join Sag (the Screen Actors Guild) as Julie Smith, they were like, 'There's a Julie Smith, there's a Julie Anne Smith. You have to choose another name'. My dad's name was Peter Moore Smith, and my mother's name was Anne Smith, and I used both their names, so I wouldn't hurt anybody's feelings." Julianne Moore on the story behind her career name.

26th January 2015

Quote: "I wanted to give her the skin off my back. I wanted to do anything I could to help her, support her." Kristen Stewart felt a real bond with her onscreen mother Julianne Moore while shooting heart-wrenching drama Still Alice, about a family matriarch struggling with early on-set Alzheimer's disease.

23rd January 2015

Quote: "I'm very superstitious. I don't feel like anything is ever gonna happen... It's that weird thing where you feel like it's bad juju, you're kinda messing with stuff." Actress Julianne Moore refuses to prepare an acceptance speech for awards shows. The Oscar frontrunner is up for a Best Actress honour at next month's (Feb15) prizegiving.

11th December 2014

Quote: "I'm in Nyc (New York City) and got up at my usual time, 6.30, and made my kids waffles before they went to school. I took a shower, then was so nervous because I hadn't heard anything yet! This has all been amazing." Julianne Moore on her Best Actress Golden Globe nomination for Still Alice, in which she portrays an Alzheimer's disease sufferer.

21st November 2014

Quote: "You don't even know how big you are, you know? You're just like, 'Oh, I look good! I like this dress, I'll put this dress on'. I put on a dress that had this low thing; and by the end of the night, I was almost choking. (I had) a horrible hairdo, it looked like birds of paradise coming out of either side of my head. It was terrible. Every time I get ready to go somewhere, I think, 'It could be worse'." Actress Julianne Moore still regrets attending the Golden Globe Awards six weeks after her son was born in 1997.

27th October 2014

Quote: "I'm terrified of skiing and I can't get over the hump." Actress Julianne Moore would love to be a better skier.

16th May 2014

Fact: Hollywood actresses Rooney Mara, Naomi Watts, Lupita Nyong'o and Julianne Moore were honoured at the Calvin Klein Women in Film event at the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday (15May14). The stars gathered at a private villa for the exclusive bash and were also treated to a performance by British singer Jessie Ware.

18th November 2013

Fact: Robert De Niro, Ed Burns and Julianne Moore will be the first celebrities to take a tour through the new 4 World Trade Center building in New York City for a wine tasting event on Thursday (21Nov13). Proceeds from the bash will go to food donation organisation City Harvest. The original building was severely damaged and eventually demolished after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The new complex opened last week (13Nov13).

8th October 2013

Quote: "My daughter's 11 so she will not be seeing this. This movie is not for her." Julianne Moore insists her daughter won't be watching her new film Carrie, even though co-star Chloe Grace Moretz saw the original when she was 11.

8th October 2013

Quote: "It was fun to do something that extreme. I liked the self-mutilation the best. That was the most fun for me." Julianne Moore on her role as the crazy mother in the upcoming Carrie remake.

25th September 2013

Fact: Julia Roberts is set to be honoured with the Hollywood Supporting Actress Award at the upcoming Hollywood Film Awards in recognition of the Oscar buzz she's receiving for her role in the drama August: Osage County. She will pick up the prize during a ceremony at the Beverly Hilton in California on 21 October (13), according to The Hollywood Reporter. The Pretty Woman star will follow in the footsteps of previous recipients Susan Sarandon, Sandra Bullock and Julianne Moore.

24th September 2013

Fact: Actress Julianne Moore is to receive the 2,507th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Boogie Nights star will unveil her plaque on Hollwyyod Boulevard on 3 October (13) and her Don Jon co-star and director Joseph Gordon Levitt will be among those saluting her.

9th July 2013

Fact: Actress Julianne Moore has ditched her famous red locks and gone blonde for her new movie Maps To The Stars. The star was photographed with her new dye job on the Toronto, Canada film set on Monday (08Jul13).

30th April 2013

Quote: "I took inspiration from some teachers at my kids' school. You see what (teachers) wear. It has to be fairly practical, it has to be fairly warm in a cold school, it has to be comfortable. (But) my kids don't see my movies." Actress Julianne Moore visited her own children's classrooms to pick up tips for her role in The English Teacher.

3rd November 2012

Fact: Actress Julianne Moore has been named the new Global Brand Ambassador for cosmetics company L'Oreal Paris. She'll front ads for the company in 2013.

16th March 2012

Quote: "That's an awful idea... That's like you're with your brother or something." Natural redhead Julianne Moore hates the idea of ginger-haired people mating.

8th February 2012

Quote: "I have a girl crush on them. I'd kill to have half the careers they've had after 40." Hitch star Eva Mendes is in awe of her Hollywood heroines, Julianne Moore and Annette Bening.

19th September 2011

Tweet: "I think it is official - I am the worst tweeter ever. Boring And infrequent." Hollywood actress Julianne Moore has yet to make full use of her Twitter.com blog.

3rd August 2011

Quote: "I feel tremendously grateful. I feel so lucky all the time to have had the opportunities that I've had. That's what I had hoped would happen when I started acting. You don't want to fall into that ditch of not working so I'm just trying to keep looking ahead and hope that the jobs keep coming." Actress Julianne Moore doesn't take her glittering career for granted.

5th July 2011

Quote: "He's a great cook and he's incredibly sensitive to other people... which is quite extraordinary, and really unusual in a man, I think." Julianne Moore on her filmmaker husband Bart Freundlich.

10th May 2011

Fact: Julianne Moore and Steve Coogan are set to bring Henry James' 1897 novel What Maisie Knew up to date in a new movie adaptation. The actors will play dysfunctional divorcees.

11th March 2011

Quote: "I'm imagining it will be a very different tone. She's a great choice. She's a great actress. If she needs my wig, I have it. It's at Snl." Tina Fey is pleased to hear Julianne Moore is to portray one-time U.S. vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin in a new TV biopic. Fey famously portrayed Palin in a Saturday Night Live skit.

16th February 2011

Quote: "He thinks it's appalling that I wear Birkenstocks (sandals) in the summer and clogs in the winter, but that's my look, what can I say." Actress Julianne Moore admits designer pal Tom Ford hates her fashion-free footwear.

15th February 2011

Fact: Actress Julianne Moore is spearheading a new campaign to clean up America's classrooms. The star has teamed up with kitchen towel firm Bounty and will visit schools in her native New York to help parents and volunteers spring clean.

9th February 2011

Quote: "You have these things you're happy with and proud of. But if there's something you haven't done that you've been waiting to do, then by all means, don't wait any longer." Actress Julianne Moore acts on impulse now that she's approaching 50. The star will celebrate the milestone in December (11).

27th January 2011

Fact: Actress Julianne Moore is set to be honoured for her philanthropy work at next week's (05Feb11) 10th Annual Greater New York Human Rights Campaign Gala.

25th November 2010

Fact: Ricky Martin, Julianne Moore, the Scissor Sisters, Glee star Chris Colfer and country star Chely Wright have been named among the gay icons making up the 16th annual Out magazine 100.

18th November 2010

Quote: "My daughter, when she first saw it, she loved it, absolutely loved it. But now it's been running for a couple of months and she's seen it a few times, and the third time she said, 'Mummy, no offence, I have to be honest, it's not wicked (great).' She was too funny." Julianne Moore's eight-year-old daughter Liv is not the biggest fan of the actress' Off-Broadway musical FRECKLEFACE STRAWBERRY, the play based on her children's book of the same name.

18th November 2010

Quote: "My daughter's eight years old... She's honest to a fault. When someone says, 'Don't tell mummy', she says, 'Oh mummy, mummy, I have to tell you - daddy got you a present!' ...Then the last one was, 'Mummy, mummy, I have to tell you - Daddy let me drive!' I'm like, 'What?!' It was only in the driveway but I was like, 'Don't let our daughter drive!'" Actress Julianne Moore's daughter Liv struggles to keep a secret.

29th October 2010

Quote: "I was a complete geek. There's always the kid who's too short, the kid who wears glasses, the kid who's not athletic. I was all three." Actress Julianne Moore wasn't popular as a child.

22nd October 2010

Quote: "I hate to condemn people for doing it, but I don't believe it makes people look better. I think it just makes them look like they had something done to their face, and I don't think we instinctively find that appealing... when you look at somebody who's had their face altered in some way, it just looks weird." Julianne Moore, 49, snubs face-freezing Botox injections for a more natural look.

20th October 2010

Fact: Actress Julianne Moore has been unveiled as the fresh new face of U.S. clothing store Talbots. The Magnolia star will front the fashion brand's spring (11) ad campaign.

30th September 2010

Quote: "I'm really thrilled it’s happened. It absolutely came out of the blue - it was an utter and complete surprise to me." Hollywood actress Julianne Moore is pleasantly surprised by the success of her first children's book, Freckleface Strawberry, which has been adapted for an Off-Broadway musical. The show will open on Friday (01Oct10).

8th July 2010

Quote: "I fulfilled two of my biggest dreams - to become an actress and to have a family. I have both." Julianne Moore is happy with her lot.

19th April 2010

Fact: A group of Hollywood's leading ladies including Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Julianne Moore, Penelope Cruz, Meryl Streep and Naomi Watts have teamed up to share the cover of France's Vogue magazine. All six stars are seen in the photoshoot for Vogue Paris' May (10) issue.

30th March 2010

Quote: "Sometimes people say I'm fearless but I'm not. I just don't feel like acting is particularly scary. I love it. When things are going well on set, it makes me feel excited, and it's fun - not scary. Being scared for me, that would be bungee jumping or diving or skiing." Julianne Moore on her biggest fear.

18th March 2010

Quote: "They know I have a job. They’re all right. For now they have no interest in seeing anything I do.” Julianne Moore's children aren't fans of her films.

18th March 2010

Quote: "Kissing itself is very intimate. I actually never want to kiss anybody but my husband.” Actress Julianne Moore isn't a fan of onscreen smooching.

16th March 2010

Quote: "This one woman came up to me and said, 'Oh my God, I can't believe I'm meeting you. You're my husband's freebie!' And I said what I always say, which is 'Thank you.'" Julianne Moore was tongue-tied when a fan admitted the actress is the one other woman she'd allow her husband to have sex with.

8th March 2010

Fact: Vera Farmiga, Julianne Moore, Tim Robbins, Michelle Pfeiffer and Colin Farrell paid tribute to each of the Best Actor nominees prior to Jeff Bridges' big win at the Oscars on Sunday (07Mar10). Each star recalled anecdotes of working with those actors nominated.

2nd February 2010

Quote: "Julianne was a much better kisser. But I wasn't supposed to be enjoying it. That was the only time Tom Ford had to get on my case because I was supposed to be playing a gay man and he told me to keep my hands to myself and keep my tongue out of her mouth." Colin Firth couldn't hide the fact he enjoyed kissing co-star Julianne Moore in his new film A SINGLE MAN - despite playing a homosexual professor.

30th December 2009

Quote: "I never make resolutions. It's not one of the things that I do. I have lots of desires and rules and things that I want to figure out, but New Year's resolutions don't pan out for me." Actress Julianne Moore refuses to set new life rules every year.

9th December 2009

Quote: "It's really upsetting, I loved that show." Julianne Moore is sad to hear U.S. TV soap As The World Turns has been axed by CBS network bosses after 54 years on air. The actress got her start on the show in 1985.

25th November 2009

Quote: "Fifteen years ago I told Harvey Weinstein I wanted to make a movie, and he didn't laugh." Fashion designer Tom Ford explains how came to direct his first film A SINGLE MAN, which stars Julianne Moore.

13th October 2009

Fact: Julianne Moore, Bradley Cooper and Zachary Quinto will be among the stars honoured at the upcoming Hollywood Film Festival (26Oct09).

24th September 2009

Quote: “I had to make out with Julianne. I was like, ‘I’ve already done this! This should be easy!" Amanda Seyfried had no qualms about kissing Julianne Moore in forthcoming film CHLOE, after puckering up with Megan Fox in JENNIFER'S BODY.

25th March 2009

Fact: Julianne Moore is in talks to play former U.S. First Lady HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON in a new movie about her marriage to President Bill Clinton. The actress' Far From Heaven husband, Dennis Quaid, will reportedly play the former U.S. leader in The Special Relationship.

1st February 2009

Fact: Julianne Moore's second children's picture book is entitled FRECKLEFACE STRAWBERRY AND THE DODGEBALL BULLY. The novel is due for release in April (09).

31st January 2009

Quote: "Somebody asked me if I was working my way though childhood trauma and I said, 'Yeah, I'm just working my way through my past!'" Julianne Moore jokes about the inspiration for the storylines in her children's picture books, featuring the character FRECKLEFACE STRAWBERRY.

5th November 2008

Quote: "The analogy I use is ancient Chinese feet-binding. People started making them smaller and smaller until they were not beautiful at all. I feel that we have decided that being young and expressionless is the most beautiful thing and in pursuit of that it totally obliterates what we look like." Julianne Moore has reservations about plastic surgery.

23rd October 2008

Fact: Legendary British rock band The Who will play actor MICHAEL J. Fox's annual Parkinson's disease benefit next month (05Nov08) in front of an audience scheduled to include Hollywood director Martin Scorsese and actors Denis Leary and Julianne Moore.

25th July 2008

Fact: Actress Julianne Moore will grace the stage at the Gerald W. Lynch Theater, New York, on Saturday (26Jul08) to read poetry by Samuel Beckett. The event is part of the Lincoln Center Festival, reports the New York Post's PageSix.

3rd May 2008

Fact: Actress Julianne Moore and Olympic swimmer MICHAEL PHELPS have teamed up to play merpeople in a new Disney theme parks ad. Red-haired Moore is the perfect ARIEL as she brings The Little Mermaid to life in the new Annie Leibovitz shoot.

25th April 2008

Fact: Hollywood actress Julianne Moore dons a fishtail and scales in a new depiction of The Little Mermaid character ARIEL for celebrated photographer Annie Leibovitz's ongoing Disney Dream Portrait Series. The redheaded beauty is joined by Olympic swimmer MICHAEL PHELPS, who portrays a merman in the shoot.

20th February 2008

Quote: "I bought a hugely expensive cashmere sweater for my mother. Had mom known what it cost, she wouldn't have accepted it." Julianne Moore on what she did with her first big pay cheque.

5th February 2008

Quote: "Everybody really really wants it to be resolved - but at the end of the day, jobs are much more important than awards. So we really want this settled so that everybody can go back to work." Actress Julianne Moore is backing the striking Hollywood writers.

18th October 2007

Quote: "I wrote the first draft of FRECKLEFACE STRAWBERRY on a plane to London. I wrote it in the margins of my Filofax. That's how old I am. I still have a Filofax." Actress Julianne Moore recalls where, when and how she first wrote her new children's book.

5th June 2007

Fact: Mark Ruffalo and Julianne Moore have teamed up with City Of God director Fernando Meirelles for new movie Blindness.

14th February 2007

Quote: "They were in the process of Googling me. Sometimes it's not a good idea to Google an actress." Julianne Moore isn't keen to let her kids search for her name on the internet.

22nd September 2006

Fact: Love Actually actor Bill Nighy is to make his Broadway debut opposite Julianne Moore in David Hare's new play THE VERTICAL LIMIT. The production will be directed by Oscar winner SAM MENDES.

17th August 2006

Quote: "I did think that maybe I should get boobs. Then I rejected the idea because it seemed like major surgery." Actress Julianne Moore is happy with her breasts.

7th August 2006

Quote: "Having red hair limits your clothing palette." Actress Julianne Moore bemoans her flame-coloured locks.

28th February 2006

Quote: <p>"One question I resent is 'Has your career changed since you had children?' I say, 'No.' I have the same taste, same interests. It's not like the thing that is you is wiped out." THE HOURS star Julianne Moore is the same person with children. </p>

28th February 2006

Quote: <p>"My kids have a vague understanding of what I do. It's pretend. We play these games where we fake-cry and see who's the best fake-crier." FAR FROM HEAVEN star Julianne Moore gets her children, CAL, eight, and LIV, three, involved in her work. </p>

21st February 2006

Quote: <p>"I wear my own retainer in the film." Julianne Moore admits her director husband Bart Freundlich made sure she looked odd in their new film TRUST THE MAN by asking her to wear the dentistry appliance she uses to keep her teeth in position. </p>

25th January 2006

Fact: <p>DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Teri Hatcher is the latest celebrity to sign on as the face of L'OREAL, joining fellow actresses Halle Berry, Julianne Moore, Susan Sarandon and Kate Bosworth. </p>

30th November 2005

Fact: <p>Julianne Moore and Salma Hayek have been named as hosts of the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize Concert. They will be joined at the star-studded show by performances from Gladys Knight, 1980s group Duran Duran and British pop trio Sugababes. </p>

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