Julianne Moore doesn't feel like she's been with her husband for a ''long time''.

The 'Still Alice' star has been dating Bart Freundlich for 24 years, married since 2003, and she believes the success of their long term relationship is down to both of them really wanting to be together.

Speaking on The Drew Barrymore Show, she said: ''The only thing I can say is I think that you both have to really want to be married. I do feel like I've seen situations where things aren't working out for people because one member of the couple doesn't want to be there. I think if you are both invested in it working out that's important. You really have to have a good time.

''I think they have to make you laugh, if they don't make you laugh it's just deadly. And somebody asked me the other day if it felt long a long time and I was like, 'Oddly no it doesn't.' That's what has been nice about it, it doesn't feel like a long time. But now our kids are 18 and 22.''

Meanwhile, Julianne previously insisted that marriage is ''important''.

She said: ''Marriage is a container for a family and that's why legal marriage is important - that everyone be allowed to be married, every couple, because it's a way of saying to the world, 'I'm legally committed to this person and I'm going to make this container for the two of us, and then our children, and our life together.' Our container is pretty good. It's not airtight but it's pretty good, especially now having one child, who is almost finished with college and then another who will go to college in two years, you think, 'Wow we did it!' We are intact, we are happy.''