Julianne Moore celebrated her 17th wedding anniversary with a sweet post on Instagram.

The 59-year-old actress has taken to the photo-sharing platform to celebrate her anniversary with director Bart Freundlich, and to joke about their hygiene amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Alongside a photograph of them together, Julianne - who has Caleb, 22, and Liv, 18, with Bart - wrote: ''I said he should take a shower. He said my hair smelled bad, like mildew, or an old box. Happy 17th Wedding anniversary @freundlich96 - there is no one I'd rather be with everyday. I love you. #anniversary #quarantine (sic)''

Julianne previously revealed she's needed to ''invest'' time and energy into her relationship in order to make it work.

The Hollywood star - who was married to actor John Gould Rubin between 1986 and 1995 - admitted that hard work was one of the keys to her relationship with Bart, 50.

She explained: ''We have this narrative in our culture that if you want a career, you have to work hard, go to school, look for a job, you have to apply yourself, but love is supposed to just happen to you.

''One day you're going to meet someone and get hit over the head and boom! That happens in romantic comedies but in real life you have to make time.

''When you find a person, you have to invest in them and that relationship. And that's what love is.''

Julianne and Bart first met on the set of 'The Myth of Fingerprints' in 1996, and she's admitted to being surprised by their romance.

Reflecting on their relationship, the actress said: ''It was pretty unexpected. It kept going, and now we have this huge history together.''