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The Beguiled, Okja And Wonderstruck: The Best Palme D'Or Nominees For Cannes Film Festival 2017

Cannes Film Festival Nicole Kidman Julianne Moore Colin Farrell

Cannes Film Festival 2017 kicks off this week and those officially selected for Competition are particularly exciting this year. The Palme d'Or nominees offer thrills, colour, mystery, poignant propositions as well as some of Hollywood's biggest stars. Here are nine of our most anticipated features.

Nicole Kidman stars in 'The Beguiled'Nicole Kidman stars in 'The Beguiled'

1. The Beguiled - For Academy Award winning Sofia Coppola's latest film, she adapts the Thomas P. Cullinan novel of the same name (originally called 'A Painted Devil') in a Western starring Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst and Elle Fanning. They play the residents of a small Virginia girls' school who take in a wounded Union soldier played by Colin Farrell. Sexual tensions arise, which only results in pure vengeance.

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Maggie's Plan Review


A New York comedy with vivid characters and a contrived plot, this feels rather a lot like a Woody Allen movie. Although writer-director Rebecca Miller keeps it rather cute and silly, avoiding the more pointed issues raised in her script. Still, the snaky, farcical story is very entertaining, and the witty performances from the terrific cast make it well worth a look.

Greta Gerwig plays Maggie, a woman who has given up on finding the perfect man, so she sets out to have a child using a donation from a pickle entrepreneur (Travis Fimmel). Then just after she has the fertilisation procedure, she falls for her fellow professor John (Ethan Hawke), who's looking for a reason to leave his haughty Danish wife Georgette (Julianne Moore). Three years later, Maggie and John are settled down with their toddler daughter. But Maggie is frustrated that John has become aimless, unable to finish his long-in-the-works novel. She's also somehow ended up raising his and Georgette's kids (Mina Sundwall and Jackson Frazer). So she hatches a plan to get Georgette to take him back.

The premise is ingenious, and Miller fills it in with colourful characters and lots of detail, plus several convenient twists and implausible turns of the plot. This keeps the film from ever becoming more than a bit of nutty fluff, but at least it's entertaining fluff. Gerwig and Hawke are superb as self-involved people whose relationship develops in surprisingly resonant ways. Both are sympathetic but not hugely likeable in the way they remain oblivious to everyone around them, and watching them interact is a lot of fun. But the entire film is stolen by Moore in a hilariously spiky turn as the high-maintenance Georgette, who peers imperiously through her riotous array of furs and scarves but can only barely hide the fragile person inside.

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Julianne Moore Enjoyed The Pointed Comedy Of Maggie's Plan

Julianne Moore

The film sprang from a conversation Moore had with her close friend, writer-director Rebecca Miller. "Years and years ago," she recounts, "I told Rebecca that I knew this woman who had gotten divorced, and because of the kids she was still involved with her ex-husband. Then her current husband also had children, so it was very complicated. And she said to me, 'If I were to do it all over again, I don't know that I would get the divorce.' Because she still loved her ex-husband."

Julianne Moore plays a Scandinavian in Maggie's Plan

Both Moore and Miller identified with this idea. "Rebecca and I are both in these very long relationships with all the ups and downs," Moore says. "Sometimes, no matter what's happening, you look at him and you just have to go, 'Well, that's my guy.' It's that question if another relationship is going to be that much different than the one that you've invested all this time in."

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Maggie's Plan Trailer

Maggie's has always been practically minded and now that she's in her thirties and has decided that it's time to have a child, the small issue of not having a partner isn't going to stand in her way. She's never really experienced being head over heels in love so when she meets John Harding (an aspiring novelist) their instant connection comes as a shock to the sometimes bookish Maggie. 

As Maggie and John's relationship becomes more and more serious, Maggie seeks advice from her best friends. Falling for John isn't just a usual case of starting a relationship, John has many other people to consider - namely his wife and kids. John has been married to a Danish academic for years but over recent times, the couple have become more and more distant. 

Soon John realises that Maggie is a source of inspiration for him and he's ready to move on from his prior life. We fast-forward 2 years down the line and the couple have a child but Maggie isn't quite as head over heels in love with the man she thought John was. Maggie cannot bring herself to leave John and decides to come up a highly unconventional way to try and find a solution to her current predicament. 

Freeheld Is Important For Moore And Page

Ellen Page Julianne Moore

In 2002 Laurel was diagnosed with terminal cancer and had to fight for a change in the law so that her pension benefits would go to her civil partner Stacie Andree. This was a landmark case in marriage equality law in America.

Julianne Moore and Ellen Page play Laurel and Stacie in the film, and understood the importance of recreating real people on-screen. "You have a responsibility to that person, to become as close to them as possible," Moore says.

Ellen Page at the Berlin premiereEllen Page at the Berlin premiere

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A Week In Movies: Oscar Awards Birdman, Then The Stars Party And Return To Work. Trailers Arrive For Simon Pegg As An Aussie Hitman, A Bradley Cooper Romance And A Kristen Wiig Comedy

Michael Keaton Julianne Moore Channing Tatum Amy Adams Ethan Hawke Tom Cruise Simon Pegg


Hollywood celebrated itself on Sunday night with the 87th Academy Awards, ignoring the critics' favourite Boyhood to present the best film, director and screenplay Oscars to the show business comedy Birdman. The lively presenters and winners were caught backstage by paparazzi in the press room.

Photos - 87th Annual Oscars Red Press Room - Sunday 22nd February 2015

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A Week In Movies: Celebrities Turn Out To Collect Awards In Los Angeles And London, Mortdecai Has Three Premieres And New Trailers For Hopkins And Hawke

Julianne Moore Angelina Jolie Jessica Chastain Timothy Spall Miranda Richardson Johnny Depp Ryan Gosling Russell Crowe Jesse Eisenberg

Critics' Choice Movie Awards Julianne Moore

A-list celebrities turned out in Hollywood for the starry Critics' Choice Movie Awards last weekend, including Julianne Moore, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Chastain, Eddie Redmayne, Keira Knightley, Ethan Hawke, Rosamund Pike, Michael Keaton, Reese Witherspoon, Marion Cotillard, David Oyelowo, Felicity Jones, Jennifer Aniston, Amy Adams and Chris Hemsworth. Jared Leto even matched his outfit to the blue carpet.

Photos - 20th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards held at the Hollywood Palladium - Part 1

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Critic's Choice Awards Honour Oscar-Snubbed Movies [Photos]

Michael Keaton Julianne Moore Jennifer Aniston David Oyelowo Oprah Winfrey Ethan Hawke Angelina Jolie

While the Academy Award nominations may have angered quite a few people, the Critic's Choice Awards took place on the same day (15th January 2015) at the Hollywood Palladium. Hosted by Michael Strahan, this year's Critic's Choice Awards was the twentieth anniversary of the ceremony, and continued the tradition of honouring some of the very best that the year's cinema had to offer. 

Michael Keaton won both 'Best Actor' and 'Best Actor in a Comedy Movie' (Credit Christopher Polk - Getty Images)
Michael Keaton won both 'Best Actor' and 'Best Actor in a Comedy Movie' (Credit Christopher Polk - Getty Images)

The ceremony differed from the upcoming Academy Awards in several ways. One of these was how it took the stance of being one of the few prestigious award ceremonies to honour 'Guardians of the Galaxy' (awarding it 'Best Action Movie' and 'Best Hair and Makeup'), and furthermore awarding the title of 'Best Animated Feature' to 'The Lego Movie' (which was shockingly snubbed by the Academy Award nominations).  Perhaps Chris Pratt is just a magnet for these things.

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'Still Alice' Caps Julianne Moore's Amazing Year

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore is perhaps the greatest working actress who hasn't yet won an Oscar, but her nomination for 'Still Alice' could very well change that. She's been nominated four times before: 'Boogie Nights' (1998), 'The End of the Affair' (2000), 'The Hours' and 'Far From Heaven' (both 2003). And many argue that her performances in 'The Hours' and 'Far From Heaven' should have won both the supporting and lead actress Oscars that year.

Julianne Moore in 'Still Alice'
Julianne Moore in 'Still Alice'

In 2014, Moore starred in four very different films, revealing her striking range as an actress. In the action thriller 'Non-Stop', she played a shifty passenger tormenting Liam Neeson on a very tense plane flight. In David Cronenberg's 'Maps to the Stars', for which she won Best Actress at Cannes (although the film isn't eligible for this year's Oscars), she delivers a lacerating turn as an actress desperate to reinvigorate her career. In 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1' she plays the rebel President Alma Coin, a surprisingly complex role for a teen franchise. And finally in 'Still Alice' she plays a woman facing early onset Alzheimer's at age 50.

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Still Alice - Clip

On the outside, Alice Howland appears to have an idyllic life. A beautiful family life with a husband  and three older children, and a job that has provided her with such joy over the years. She's a linguistics professor, well respected for her knowledge of the world of language. However, soon she finds herself forgetting even the simplest of words and decides to get checked out by a doctor to see what might be wrong with her. On discovering that she has been diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease, she finds herself struggling to deal with the idea of losing out on the rest of her career, being so highly respected in her field. She starts to drift further and further from her own identity, forgetting who she has become with the knowledge that it's only going to get worse.

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 Trailer

With the incredible ramifications of the end of the yearly ritualistic sacrificial televised Hunger Games, the world is thrown into disarray when the supposed saviour of the underprivileged working class travels to District 13 to help with the revolution she inadvertently started. Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) is the last hope and symbol of resistance against the capitol that seeks to keep her and her people as poverty-stricken slaves, and after surviving the aforementioned Hunger Games twice,  Katniss must learn that 'it is the things we love most that destroy us.' Now, with an army at her back, Katniss must change the course of history and bring freedom to the masses through a global armed revolution.

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A Week In Movies: Stars Turn Out In New York, Cruise Shoots In London And Trailers For Interstellar, Inherent Vice, Taken 3 And Blackhat

Ben Affleck Rosamund Pike Julianne Moore David Cronenberg Tom Cruise Christopher Nolan Joaquin Phoenix Josh Brolin Liam Neeson

Gone Girl

A week before it arrived in cinemas, the anxiously awaited thriller Gone Girl had its world premiere at the New York Film Festival, where Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry and more turned up to walk the red carpet.

Video - Neil Patrick Harris Photographed On The Red Carpet During 'Gone Girl' Premiere - Part 1

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'Maps To The Stars' May Finally Earn Moore An Oscar

Julianne Moore Mia Wasikowska John Cusack Robert Pattinson

Julianne Moore is one of the greatest actresses never to have won an Oscar, even though she's been nominated four times and has a mantle full of SAG statuettes, Emmys, Golden Globes and critics' group awards.

Julianne Moore appears opposite Mia Wasikowska in 'Maps To The Stars'
Julianne Moore appears opposite Mia Wasikowska in 'Maps To The Stars'

But that could change this year with her Cannes-winning performance in David Cronenberg's Maps to the Stars, a viciously astute attack on the myth of the Hollywood dream. Even the critics who hated the film were mesmerised by Moore's performance as a middle-aged actress desperately clinging to her fame.

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A Week In Movies: Get On Up Premieres, Cooper Cooks In London, Trailers For Tusk, Mockingjay, The Hobbit And Mad Max

Chadwick Boseman Dan Aykroyd Mick Jagger Bradley Cooper Uma Thurman Kevin Smith Johnny Depp Julianne Moore Martin Freeman Tom Hardy

Get On Up

The stars came out for the New York premiere this week of Get on Up, starring Chadwick Boseman as Godfather of Soul James Brown. He was joined on the red carpet by costars Dan Aykroyd and Tika Sumpter, as well as soul singer Bobby Byrd and rock icon Mick Jagger. The film opens this weekend in the US and next month in America. 

Part 1 - Bobby Byrd Brings Family To 'Get On Up' NY Premiere

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The First Mockingjay Teaser Isn't The Trailer Fans Wanted, But The Trailer They Needed [Trailer + Pictures]

Jennifer Lawrence Julianne Moore Philip Seymour Hoffman

In case you’ve had no access to WiFi since the weekend (poor thing), the big thing is the first teaser trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I. Lionsgate debuted the minute-long video at Comic-Con and since then, it’s been picked apart by movie blogs far and wide. But if you’re watching out for spoilers, don’t worry, nothing major here. The first official trailer for Mockingjay (unless you count the mega creepy “propaganda” videos released in June and early July) is exactly what Hunger Games fans wanted to see - even an appearance by the rising star of the day, Natalie Dormer.

Natalie Dormer, Mockingjay
Dormer plays Cressida, a Capitol filmmaker, who sides with the rebellion.

Julianne Moore looks just as ruthless and determined as we’d expect President Coin to be and Philip Seymour Hoffman’s appearance seems deliberately eerie, considering the actor died before finishing his scenes for the film. In fact, Hoffman’s narration can be heard throughout most of the trailer, which is a great sign that we’ll see or at least hear a lot of him in the movie.

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The New Mockingjay Trailer Will Make Your Heart Weep

Jennifer Lawrence Julianne Moore Philip Seymour Hoffman Natalie Dormer

Another Comic-Con, another Hunger Games trailer. Not that we mind, of course, the Capitol propaganda teasers were so cool that everyone has been itching for an actual Mockingjay trailer. Or at least a teaser, which is what Lionsgate/Francis Craig debuted at a special media screening Friday (the film didn’t have its own panel this year).

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutchenson
Katniss and Peeta get separated by the Capitol in Mockingjay - Part II

Three days later, it’s finally time for the rest of us peasants to witness the trailer, which made its way online – through the official Hunger Games youtube channel – on Monday. And let’s just say, have your tissues handy. This trailer is emosh.

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 Trailer

President Snow has a message for the people of Panem in a mock propaganda clip and the first The Hunger Games: Mockingjay teaser. Appearing dressed in white and sitting on a white throne in a white room, Snow addresses the citizens of Panem with a message. "Since the dark days, our nation has known only peace," he begins.

"Your hard work feeds us and in return we feed and protect you," Snow continues. "But if you resist the system you starve yourself. If you fight against it, it is you who will bleed." The camera pans out and we see sweet Peeta standing blank-faced next to the President.

In the movie, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) is living in District 13 after bringing down The Hunger Games. Under the leadership of President Coin (Julianne Moore), Katniss embarks on a quest to save her beloved friend Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) and the nation.

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Can 'Non-Stop' Maintain Box Office Altitude For A Second Week? [Trailer + Pictures]

Liam Neeson Julianne Moore Lupita Nyong'o Michelle Dockery

New Liam Neeson thriller Non-Stop landed in cinemas last Friday and took its first weekend box office by storm, soaring to number one. The movie had the tricky task of taking on all the Oscar-nominated movies that are still out in theatres but rose to the challenge masterfully, earning $30 million ahead of Son of God's $26.5 million. The tense who-dunnit also managed the impressive task of taking out the previous number one film, The Lego Movie, which was forced to settle for third this week.

Non-Stop Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson Races Against Time To Save Passengers & Himself In 'Non-Stop.'

Neeson's lead role is the movie's main draw, and fans of the Taken actor have a seemingly insatiable thirst for the Irish star's serious, determined and urgent acting style. However, if Neeson's star power was all that was drawing moviegoers in Non-Stop's first weekend, what is it that could see the movie retain its coveted ranking?

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'Non-Stop': Now, Liam Neeson Is Fighting Crime At 40,000 Feet

Liam Neeson Julianne Moore Michelle Dockery Lupita Nyong'o

Liam Neeson, who has been repackaged as a global action star since Taken, stars in the new suspense thriller Non-Stop from director Jaume Collet-Serra and producer Joel Silver. Out this weekend, the movie also stars Julianne Moore - but is it worth the admission price?

Liam NeesonLiam Neeson Doing His Thing In 'Non-Stop'

Neeson stars as U.S. Air Marshal Bill Marks, who receives a series of cryptic text messages demanding that he instruct the government to transfer $150 million into an off-shore account, with a passenger on his flight being killed every 20 minutes in the meantime.

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After "Non-Stop", Michelle Dockery Might Do More Action Flicks, For The Fun Of It

Michelle Dockery Liam Neeson Julianne Moore

Fans mostly know Michele Dockery as Lady Mary on the stuffy Downton Abbey. For the Downton actress herself, however, with a successful TV series and multiple film offers, the world is her oyster. Case in point: the brand new action flick Non-Stop, co-starring Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore, which had its LA Premiere just yesterday, February 25.

Michelle Dockery, Non-Stop Film Premiere
Dockery attends the premiere of Non-Stop.

See more pictures from the premiere in our gallery.

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'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Edges Closer, Colossal Budget Revealed [Trailer]

Jennifer Lawrence Philip Seymour Hoffman Julianne Moore

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is almost here and we're so excited we might just burst. The sequel to 2012's The Hunger Games will revisit Katniss Everdeen and the people of Panem in what promises to be the action movie of the year. The first film grossed close to $700 million (£450million) worldwide, which cemented its place as the ninth highest earner of 2012.

The Hunger Games
The Sequel Promises To Be Even More Overblown Than The Original.

After the colossal success of The Hunger Games came to light, it was only natural that Lionsgate would plough even more money into its sequel with the promise of virtually guaranteed success. Indeed, Catching Fire is expected to outperform its predecessor when it is released from the 22nd November.

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'Carrie' Sweeps Into US Theaters: A Worthwhile Remake?

Chloe Moretz Julianne Moore

Carrie, the best-selling horror novel from author Stephen King, has been given a reboot to bring the chilling tale of one tortured young girl's supernatural skill to a new generation. Directed by Kimberley Peirce, the movie is the third adaptation of the scary tale and is currently opening in theaters across the world.

Chloe Grace Moretz Plays Carrie: A Girl With An Extraordinary Talent.

The movie centres upon a young girl (Chloe Grace Moretz), raised by her strict Christian mother (Julianne Moore) who punishes her by locking her in a cupboard and forcing her to pray. Her abuse at home is mirrored by her bullying at school which includes a humiliating experience in the girls' locker room upon the discovery of her first period. Carrie suddenly realises she has the power to move objects with her mind. However, her newfound and destructive skill only makes her more of an outcast when all she strives for is to be normal.

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'Carrie' Critics Unable To See Past 1976

Chloe Moretz Julianne Moore

The latest adaptation of Stephen King's 1974 novel, Carrie, has received a series of negative reviews ahead of its release in the US today (18th October). The film stars Chloe Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass), as Carrie, and Julianne Moore (The Hours) as her mother, Margaret. Carrie has the supernatural gift of telekinesis and, after being bullied at her high school, uses her powers to destroy her tormentors.

Julianne Moore, Kimberley Pierce and Chloe Moretz
Julianne Moore, Kimberley Pierce and Chloe Moretz at the L.A. premiere of Carrie.

Reviews of this latest adaptation have been less than favourable. There gory elements have been "revamped" but, as Katey Rich of The Guardian stated, "Carrie eventually devolves into lacklustre modern horror clichés for a souped-up version of the famous finale." 

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Critics (Mostly) Agree That Joseph Gordon-Levitt Proves Himself As A Natural-Born Filmmaker With 'Don Jon'

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Scarlett Johansson Julianne Moore Tony Danza

Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes his screenwriting and directorial debut in the upcoming Don Jon, a film in which he also stars and has received almost universal praise from critics thus far. Co-starring Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore and Tony Danza, the story of love, life and masturbation is being hailed as masterstroke by some, as JGL's first time behind the camera is earning him praise as a natural-born filmmaker.

Don Jon
JGL stars alongside Scarlett Johansson in Don Jon

Gordon-Levitt stars Jon 'Don Jon' Martello, a handsome, fashionable and some may say a little self obsessed twenty-something guy. His numerous exploits with women, and his apparent ability to land any girl, earned him the nickname 'Don Jon,' yet in spite of his prowess with women, nothing quite matches the joy he gets from working out. That is except for his love of internet pornography and masturbation. When he meets young romantic Barbara Sugarman (Johansson), Jon may have found what he's been loving for all his life, as he and Barbara attempt to balance their traditionalist expectations of love, with their own infatuations with their modern, media-driven lives.

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Video - Dakota Johnson And Melanie Griffith Play Happy Families At NY Premiere Of 'Don Jon' - Part 3

'Ben and Kate' star Dakota Johnson and her mother 'Working Girl' actress Melanie Griffith are seen holding hands on arriving on the red carpet of the New York premiere of 'Don Jon' held at the SVA Theater. Also spotted is Chris Noth from 'Law & Order'who looks a little nervous when the step-and-repeat starts to fall down and several runners have to rush over to attend to it.

Continue: Video - Dakota Johnson And Melanie Griffith Play Happy Families At NY Premiere Of 'Don Jon' - Part 3

Video - Scarlett Johansson Is Terrific In Turquoise At 'Don Jon' NY Premiere - Part 1

'Avengers Assemble' actress Scarlett Johansson is snapped on the red carpet of the New York premiere of 'Don Jon' at the SVA Theater wearing a simple, knee-length, turquoise dress. She is then joined in several group shots by her 'Don Jon' co-stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Julianne Moore, Tony Danza, Jeremy Luke, Rob Brown and the movie's executive producers Tucker Tooley and Ryan Kavanaugh.

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Julianne Moore Joins 'The Hunger Games' Cast As President Alma Coin

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore has signed on to play President Alma Coin in 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay' part 1 and 2. The announcement came on Friday 13th September 2013 by the film's distributer Lionsgate.

The 52 year old actress will star alongside upcoming actor Liam Hemsworth (23) who plays Gale Hawthorne and Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence (23) who protrays the main protagonist and heroine Katniss Everdeen. Lawrence's character wins a life or death televised competition for her district which brings hope and faith to a subdued society, setting in motion the start of the rebellion.

Moore will appear in the third and fourth instalments of the science fiction franchise.

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Robert Pattinson To Play Photographer In James Dean 'Life' Biopic

Robert Pattinson Dane DeHaan Mia Wasikowska Julianne Moore Guy Pearce

Robert Pattinson has been cast as photographer Dennis Stock, AKA close friend of James Dean, in a biopic about the legendary actor's relationship with the press and the run up to the 1955 film, East of Eden, E! News has confirmed. Rugged rebel Dean will be played by the 27 year-old Chronicle star, Dane DeHaan.

Robert Pattinson
Rob Is Busily Building His Career On From The Vampire Movies.

The Twilight star will play Stock, a photographer for Life magazine who was working for the Magnum agency when he was assigned the shoot of a lifetime: to photograph the Rebel Without A Cause actor. The pair fostered a friendship together as Stock travelled with Dean across America as the latter went about his movie star business whilst the former captured some of the most famous images of the actor.

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Natalie Dormer Cast In 'The Hunger Games' Final Chapter, 'Mockingjay'

Natalie Dormer Jennifer Lawrence Julianne Moore

Natalie Dormer will join the cast of Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2: The Hunger Games' final chapter that will be split into two films à la Harry Potter, Twilight, etc. The 31 year-old British actress, known for her roles as Margaery Tyrell in HBO's Game of Thrones and Anne Boleyn in Showtime's The Tudors, will play Cressida, the resident director in the capitol who joins the districts' revolt, Lionsgate have announced.

Natalie Dormer
Natalie Dormer Joine The Cast Of The Hunger Games.

Cressida's camera crew is charged by Plutarch Heavensbee (Philip Seymour Hoffman) with documenting Jennifer Lawrence's character Katniss Everdeen's activities in the rebellion against the powers that be in order to create propaganda to boost rebel morale. According to E!, Dormer is the first actor announced to join the franchise who has not starred in The Hunger Games or its upcoming sequel, Catching Fire, though appareantly Julianne Moore is currently in talks to play the ruthless rebellion leader and president of District 13, Alma Coin.

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire To Hit Comic-Con, As Studio Eyes Julianne Moore For Third Movie

Julianne Moore Jennifer Lawrence Liam Hemsworth

A new cast update for The Hunger Games trilogy states that Julianne Moore is set to join the team for the third installment in the franchise – Mockingjay. According to a report by Deadline, nothing is set in stone, but Lionsgate – the production company behind the adaptations – as well as director Francis Lawrence have their sights set on the Oscar-winner for a part in the third movie. The role she is being considered for is that of President Alma Coin – a manipulative rebel leader, who uses the protagonist Katniss Everdeen for her own fanatical goals.

Julianne Moore, Met Gala
Moore might be the latest addition to the cast.

Obviously, casting an actress of Moore’s caliber could add a whole new layer of depth to the character, however, nothing is certain yet. Meanwhile, most of the original cast members will be returning for the third film – Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutchenson and Liam Hemsworth will all be back in the next installment to hit theatres – Catching Fire.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt's 'Don Jon' Tackles Porn Addiction - But It's Funny [Trailer]

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Scarlett Johansson Tony Danza Julianne Moore

Don JonJoseph Gordon Levitt [L] and Scarlett Johansson [R] In Don Jon

If you'd taken time to read any of the articles about Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut Don Jon, you would have been forgiven for assuming it was an expose of the dark side of porn addiction. It is that, but it's also a comedy and from the looks of the first trailer, a funny one at that.

As well as serving as writer-director, Gordon-Levitt also plays the movie's lead Jon Martello, a young guy who enjoys his swish apartment, working out, driving his car, going to church, socializing and...watching porn. Watching a lot of porn. His subsequent expectations of sexual relationships mean he is unable to build a long-lasting relationship with anyone, despite his friends dubbing him Don Jon for his ability to land any woman. 

Continue reading: Joseph Gordon-Levitt's 'Don Jon' Tackles Porn Addiction - But It's Funny [Trailer]

Don Jon Trailer

Jon Martello enjoys his routine lifestyle which involves working out, maintaining his apartment, driving a flash car, seeing his family, going to church, hanging with his boys, pulling pretty girls and, crucially, watching porn. The expectations he builds watching X-rated internet videos is a massive contribution to the fact that he doesn't have long lasting relationships with anyone, despite his friends nicknaming him Don Jon for his ability to take home a stunning woman whenever he likes. However, after setting eyes on a beautiful blonde at a club, he has more than just a one night stand on his mind and arranges to meet her for a date. When they appear to begin seeing each other regularly (to the delight of his grandchild-less mother) things seem to be going better for him than ever before; that is, until, she catches him enjoying his daily dose of obscene web action. Jon now realises he has a lot of lessons to learn if he wants to be with the woman of his dreams.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt ('Looper', 'Lincoln', 'Inception', 'The Dark Knight Rises') stars in his directorial feature debut 'Don Jon' which also marks his first full-length screenplay. It's a comedy about a seemingly normal New Jersey guy who, though happy as he is at the present, could be slowly destroying his future. It will hit UK cinemas in the Autumn on November 15th 2013.

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Video - Julianne Moore Talks Balancing Parenthood With Work And Learning The Guitar In An Interview On New Movie 'What Maise Knew'

'Magnolia' star Julianne Moore is interviewed about her new movie 'What Maise Knew' at the Soho Grande hotel in New York. She talks about playing music, balancing motherhood and work, and her upcoming projects.

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Has David Cronenberg Found A Muse In Robert Pattinson?

Robert Pattinson David Cronenberg Julianne Moore John Cusack Sarah Gadon

The director David Cronenberg was seemingly so smitten with his Cosmopolis stars Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon, that he’s signed them up to his next movie project, Maps to the Stars. The movie is set in Los Angeles and according to The Hollywood Reporter, focuses on the celebrity culture of the city. Julianne Moore and John Cusack also star in the movie, which will mark another positive step away from the Twilight stereotyping pitfall for Pattinson.

When he spoke to MTV about working with Cronenberg on Cosmopolis, Pattinson said that working with him was one of the first times that he really considered himself to be an actor. “I had to come to terms with that," he added about getting the chance to hit the set. "That was one of my first questions: 'What do you see in me? Why? Why? Why are you hiring me?' Cronenberg is one of those people when you're asked who you want to work with, he doesn't even come into my head. Because that's like saying, 'Want to work with Orson Welles?'"

Maps to the Stars will be Cronenberg’s fourth collaboration with Prospero Pictures and will feature a screenplay written by Bruce Wagner, the man behind Wild Palms. No official release date has been set for the movie yet. 

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A Week In Movies: Oblivion Begins Blockbuster Season, Bradley Cooper Shines In Beyond The Pines While Carrie, Rush And Elysium Trailers Emerge

Tom Cruise Olga Kurylenko Ryan Gosling Bradley Cooper Angelina Jolie Meryl Streep Matt Damon Jodie Foster Chris Hemsworth Chloe Moretz Julianne Moore

Oblivion Movie Premiere

Summer blockbuster season kicked off this week with the release of the new Tom Cruise action-adventure Oblivion, which is also the first in a seemingly endless series of post-apocalyptic movies headed our way over the next couple of years. Tom is currently travelling around the world with costars Olga Kurylenko and Andrea Riseborough for Oblivion premieres in various countries.

Another recent release in the UK and US is The Place Beyond the Pines, a dark drama that reunites Ryan Gosling with Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance. The film also stars Bradley Cooper, who has been in the news this week after stepping in for Jude Law in the troubled Western thriller Jane Got a Gun. Director Gavin O'Connor (Warrior) has also come on board after the sudden departure of Lynne Ramsay (We Need to Talk About Kevin). It's now filming in New Mexico with costars Natalie Portman and Joel Edgerton.

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Carrie Trailer

Carrie White is a plain and very sheltered girl raised alone by her extremely strict Christian mother who frequently punishes her. At school she is habitually bullied, something that gets ten times worse after a both humiliating and terrifying experience in the girls' locker room which causes her mother to inflict yet more punishment on her. Through her tumultuous life, she discovers that she has the power to move objects with her mind, something that causes much distress to her mother. The only people to truly show any compassion is her gym teacher Miss Desjardin and one of the popular girls, Sue Snell, who encourages her handsome boyfriend Tommy Ross to take her to the school prom. Carrie accepts, believing that she has been accepted for the first time in her life, only to face the biggest and most destructive humiliation of her life. 

The re-make to the Oscar nominated 1976 horror based on the book by acclaimed author Stephen King is due to hit screens this year in the first major rendition since the Brian De Palma flick's release. 2013's 'Carrie' has been directed by Kimberly Peirce ('Boys Don't Cry', 'Stop-Loss') with a screenplay by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa ('Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa') and it is set for release in UK cinemas everywhere from November 29th 2013.

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Too Much Spoiler In New Carrie Trailer? Horror Nerds: Discuss.

Chloe Moretz Julianne Moore

A note to the makers of the Carrie remake: not everyone has seen the original, you know. You may have wanted to keep a little bit of the plotline as a surprise?

Starring Chloe Grace Moretz in the title role of the socially awkward, telekinetically (ahem) ‘blessed’ teen who learns about puberty the hard way, this remake of the classic 1976 Brian De Palma horror is nonetheless looking pretty enticing. Even if we’ve just been shown a two and a half minute synopsis of what seems to be pretty much the entire plot.

An adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, this modern remake stars Julianne Moore as Carrie White’s overbearing and over-religious mother. The cruelty of teenage life is made even more cringeworthy, in this contemporary reboot, as, of course, we can now not only bully people, but we can record such incidences of bullying on our smart phones, keeping the footage available for future torture and abuse. Starring in the title role, Moretz looks delightfully kooky and just the right shade of weird – just as Cissy Spacek did in the original, whilst Julianne Moore makes for a fairly terrifying, nutty mom. 

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A Week In Movies: Star Wars Episode VII Shapes Up, Harrison Ford Joins Anchorman: The Legend Continues And Oz The Great And Powerful Hits Theatres

Carrie Fisher Harrison Ford Will Ferrell James Franco Mila Kunis Michelle Williams Rachel Weisz Robert Downey Jr Ben Kingsley Richard Dormer Julianne Moore Steve Coogan Sarah Polley

Star Wars

The movie casting rumour mill has gone into overdrive this week when Carrie Fisher seemed to confirm that she will indeed be back for Star Wars Episode VII. And then George Lucas chimed in to say that all three stars - Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill - are on board to reprise their iconic characters 30 years after 1983's Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Nothing is official yet, but we can probably expect a big announcement soon.

Meanwhile, Ford has joined the cast of the comedy sequel Anchorman: The Legend Continues, which is currently filming with Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd and Christina Applegate. And Halle Berry has officially rejoined the X-men for Days of Future Past, along with her original trilogy costars Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman and Anna Paquin, plus the cast of First Class.

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What Maisie Knew Trailer

Maisie is a 6-year-old girl whose parents are the veteran rock star Susanna and the art dealer Beale. As high profile as they are, Maisie is hardly living the high life as her selfish and ignorant folks never seem to have time to think about being parents and when their rocky relationship ends in a fiery divorce, she is used merely as a weapon in court as the bitter custody battle gets underway. Being passed from mother to father and vice versa hardly has the effect of making each parent want to spend more time with her to make up for their time apart as Susanna is often busy on tour and Beale takes many long work trips away. As a result, their respective new spouses Lincoln and Margo (also her ex-Nanny) are forced to take on the responsibility of caring for Maisie together and the young girl finds herself becoming happier by the day.

This is a heart-warming movie challenges the idea of child custody and is viewed through the eyes of an innocent girl who tries to construct a new family after her own is bitterly torn apart. Based on the novel of the same name by Henry James, this adaptation of 'What Maisie Knew' has been directed by Scott McGehee and David Siegel ('Suture', 'Uncertainty', 'Bee Season') and written by Carroll Cartwright ('Dungeons & Dragons', 'Where the Money Is') and Nancy Doyne in her feature film debut. 


SAG Awards: Tina Fey And Alec Baldwin Keep 30 Rock's Star Shining; Dick Van Dyke Takes Lifetime Honor (Pictures)

Tina Fey Alec Baldwin Bryan Cranston Julianne Moore Sofia Vergara Dick Van Dyke Claire Danes

Downton Abbey wins at the SAG 2013 Awards

The Downton Abbey cast took Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series

30 Rock probably just about took the spoils in the TV categories of the Screen Actors Guild Awards, with both Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin taking gongs for their respective performances in the comedy; Downton Abbey took a major award in scooping Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, and there was also a Lifetime Achievement Honor for Diagnosis Murder man Dick Van Dyke.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt' Don Jon's Addiction: A Feminist Movie About Porn

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Scarlett Johansson Julianne Moore

Do you remember when Joseph Gordon-Levitt wasn't hot? No? Well, he wasn't. There was a time in the long distant past where he was, for a while, type-cast as a nerd. Remember 3rd Rock from the Sun and 10 Things I Hate About You? He was in those! And he was absolutely great in them, but he was a nerd. And he had long hair. Anyway, now he has written, directed, and starred in his very own movie. A raunchy, morality-driven film called Don Jon's Addiction, in which he plays, not a nerd, a stud. 

Don Jon, played by Gordon-Levitt, is a lothario, a rake who can score any girl he wants and spends his entire life focused on 'things' (cars, his body, women...) and porn. "I think it's true that a lot of guys are learning what they think love and sex are supposed to be from the unlimited amount of porn available on the Internet," Levitt said at a press conference for the Sundance Film Festival.  "I wanted to tell a story about love, and in my observation what's always getting in the way of love is how people objectify each other."

Co-starring is Scarlett Johansson, whose character champions the equally problematic traditional notions of Disney romance. She manages to create something that is something of a simulation of 'love', she doesn't sleep with him straight away, and she makes him work for it. Part of what she makes him do in his pursuit of sex is to join a night school. There they meet the moral root of the story; Esther (Julianne Moore), a mature student who smokes pot.

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Sundance 2013 Sundance Film Festival To Premier Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs And Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Directorial Debut

Ashton Kutcher Scarlett Johansson Julianne Moore

The Premieres section of The Sundance Film festival, which includes 18 films in 2013, historically includes some of the festival's highest-profile projects. 

Ashton Kutcher's turn as Steve Jobs in 'Jobs' is one of several projects in the festival's noncompetition section that is headed by a mainstream stars. Festival director John Cooper believes Kutcher's portrayal of the enigmatic Apple founder will resonate with viewers. "Ashton Kutcher's performance I thought was quite remarkable," Cooper said. "It's a very formidable performance by him and it seemed like he really tried to grasp all the nuances of who Steve Jobs was." Since Kutcher's casting in Jobs was revealed in April, interest in the project has steadily grown. The Joshua Michael Stern-directed biopic was written by Matt Whiteley and also features Dermot Mulroney, Josh Gad, Lukas Haas, J.K. Simmons and Matthew Modine. 

Other projects feature Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, with all three appearing in Don Jon's Addiction. Shia LaBeouf (The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman) and Amanda Seyfried (Lovelace) also feature. Don Jon's Addiction sees Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut, but the Looper actor also wrote and stars in the film, which is about a self-centered porn-addict attempting to reform his ways. Continuing the rise of music documentaries in the last several years, Foo Fighters' musician Dave Grohl looks at the history of Sound City studios in California, where Grohl's former band Nirvana had recorded their classic 1991 album "Nevermind."

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Julianne Moore's Daughter Looks Weirdly Like Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore Bart Freundlich

Julianne Moore's daughter Liv took to the streets of New York this week, to take her pet pooch for a walk around the block. The 10-year-old looked the spitting image of her Hollywood mother, who walked by her side as if to hammer home the startling likeness to nearby photographers.

Liv has certainly inherited her mother's red hair and porcelain skin: it's basically a tiny little Julianne Moore walking around New York, which is a bit weird really. The 10-year-old, whose father is film director Bart Freundlich, is Julianne's only daughter though the couple also have a 15-year-old son, Caleb. In the harsh East Coast weather, Moore wrapped up in a knitted beanie hat, jacket, scarf, fingerless gloves and black boots, while daughter Liv opted for a puffa-jacket, jeans and simple tennis shoes.

After a stunning turn as Sarah Palin in Game Change, Moore is currently shooting the thriller Non-Stop with Liam Neeson. She also stars as the deranged mother of Chloe Moretz's Carrie in the highly anticipated horror remake and will appear in the porn-addict comedy Don Jon's Addiction, with Scarlett Johansson and Joseph-Gordon Levitt. However, perhaps her most intriguing project lies with Dan Fogelman's Imagine, about an old letter written by John Lennon and Yoko Ono to an aging musician which prompts him to reconnect with his son. The movie also stars Al Pacino and Jeremy Renner (probably not as John and Yoko).

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Video - WSJ Mag's Innovator Of The Year Award Honourees Mary Kate And Ashley Arrive On Red Carpet - Part 2

Among arrivals at WSJ Magazine's 'Innovator of The Year Awards' at New York's Museum of Modern Art were former actresses and fashion icon twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, and 'Far From Heaven' star Julianne Moore who posed alongside author Malcolm Gladwell and the son of former Disney executive Eric Eisner on the red carpet.

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Carrie Remake Teaser Trailer: Will Fans Of The Original Be Converted?

Chloe Moretz Julianne Moore Brian De Palma Kimberly Peirce Sissy Spacek

A teaser trailer for the Carrie remake was unveiled at New York’s Comic Con last weekend and has now made its way online. Starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore, the re-visioning of the 1976 Brian De Palma classic will, of course, have horror fanatics cowering behind the sofa in fear, peering gingerly through the fingers that fearfully cover their eyes. This won’t be because they are particularly scared of whatever is happening on screen, though but because they are petrified of what director Kimberly Peirce may have done to their beloved Carrie.

The teaser trailer itself isn’t exactly very… teasing. As the camera pans over an American town that’s been pretty much entirely set on fire, it eventually zooms in on Chloe Grace Moretz, stood in the middle of the street, surrounded by flames and covered in blood, recalling the classic Carrie scene. Except, in the classic image of Carrie (played by Sissy Spacek), covered in blood, she wasn’t standing in the middle of the street. She was at her school prom. But hey, why let a massive detail like that upset you? Perhaps this scene is just from her walk home from the prom. (Cue thousands of horror purists reaching for their ventilators).

Over the action, a montage of voices spout various suspense-inducing phrases, such as “she wasn’t some monster — she was just a girl” and “her mother was a fanatic, I don’t know how she lived with her.” We don’t get much more than that from this first glimpse of the film; the movie’s producers will have to try a lot harder than this if they want to coax any fans of the original out from behind the sofa.

A Week In Celebrity News Featuring: Justin Bieber, Julianne Moore, Mumford And Sons, Hulk Hogan And Much More!

Bieber's Web History? Justin Bieber has been left laptop-less after a thief swiped some of his most treasured belongings during a gig in Washington state. The pop superstar told Twitter followers that both his laptop and camera had been stolen!

A Week In Celebrity News - 11, Octber 2012

Royal Rumble! Hulk Hogan is angry. The former WWF Champion says he will hunt down the person responsible for leaking his sex tape, which emerged on the web last week, which emerged on the web last week. The woman in the video has been named as Heather Clean, the ex-wife of Hulk's best buddy Bubba The Love Sponge!

Hulk Hogan


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So Who Stole Julianne Moore's Cartier Jewellery?

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore has been in the headlines all week after 10 rather expensive pieces of Cartier jewellery were stolen from her five-floor Manhattan apartment. Though we know $127,000 worth of bling disappeared, we're still in the dark as to suspects.

According to the New York Times, contractors had been working on the brownstone property earlier this year after Ms Moore was granted a permit for interior renovation and plumbing work. This week, there were no signs of construction though contractor Jesse Robertson-Tait (who has been renovating Moore's apartment) said "There's a great deal of activity." According to reports, the actress spent most of the summer filming the horror remake 'Carrie' in Montauak, though it's unclear whether the actress suspects those doing building work on her home. Her New York neighbourhood is mainly made up of graphic designers, artists, bankers and brokers though nobody recalls seeing anything suspicious over the summer. Writing student Marcela Gamboa, 20, said of Moore's place in the community, "She walks around the neighborhood alone.She seems to feel pretty safe here."

Nevertheless, the Hollywood star appears to be wanting to move away from the West Village, listing the six-bedroom property twice in the past few years, most recently for a cool $12.5 million.

Julianne Moore; The Latest Celebrity Victim Of Robbery

Julianne Moore Kate Moss Paris Hilton Sofia Coppola Emma Watson Orlando Bloom Megan Fox Rachel Bilson

On October 1st of this year Julianne Moore had a police report filed regarding missing jewellery of hers amounting to $127,000.

From June until the end of August, this summer, Ms Moore was having her apartment renovated and it was during this time that she had 10 pieces of jewellery stolen, including, according to ABC News, a $33,000 Cartier platinum and diamond bracelet, as well as four Cartier watches. While her home was being renovated between 15 and 25 construction workers had access to the entire property, but as yet no arrests have been made.

Julianne Moore isn't the only poor celebrity to be a beacon for robberies. Paris Hilton had $2m of jewellery stolen in 2008 and Kate Moss had precious artworks stolen from her home while she was in the building. Furthermore, where Ms Moore's unfortunate robbery seems to be a crime of opportunity, Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox and Lindsay Lohan have all been the victims of “The Burglary Bunch” in Hollywood, CA, who especially target celebrities.

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Jewellery Theft: Items Worth $127,000 Stolen From Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore Bart Freundlich Sarah Palin

Julianne Moore has been the victim of a high-value jewellery theft. The Magnolia actress had several items of jeweller stolen from her Manhattan apartment whilst it was being renovated, ABC News have reported. There were 10 items of jewellery taken, in total, with a value amounting to around $127,000. Seven of the items were Cartier pieces; the most expensive being a $33,000 Cartier platinum diamond tennis bracelet. Also stolen were four Cartier watches, with a combined value of $77,800.

The items are thought to have been removed from Moore’s apartment between June 6, 2012 and August 28, 2012, whilst the work was being carried out. No arrests have been made so far, but between 15 and 25 construction workers are known to have had access to the Manhattan property at that time. A report was filed to the police on October 1, 2012 by Julianne Moore’s assistant. The property is the home that Moore shares with her husband, Bart Freundlich and their two children; it has been on the market twice over the last few years and the six-bedroom home was most recently listed for $12.5 million. Three permits have been filed recently for interior renovation and plumbing work, according to The New York Times.

Julianne Moore’s Sarah Palin portrayal in the TV movie Game Change recently won her an Emmy award. When she accepted the award, she expressed that she was glad Palin disapproved of the show.

Thanks For The Thumbs-Down: Julianne Moore’s Message For Sarah Palin At Emmys 2012

Julianne Moore Sarah Palin Jimmy Kimmel Claire Danes

When Julianne Moore collected her Emmy Award last night (September 23, 2012), she had a message for Sarah Palin, the woman whose character she played in the political drama Game Change. The Julianne Moore Emmy win was one of the evening's highlights, as she collected the gong and told the audience “I feel so validated since Sarah Palin gave me a big thumbs down.” In a night that was rife with political commentary, Moore added that Game Change “isn't as much about Palin as the political process and in an election year, this was an examination of how we pick our leaders.”

It’s election year in the United States and the forthcoming election was never far from the topic of conversation. Jimmy Kimmel hosted the annual TV awards show – considered by many to be the Oscars of the small screen – and he was quick to bring election talk to the fore. “Are any of you voting for Mitt Romney? Oh good, only 40 Republicans, and the rest godless liberal homosexuals... Being a Republican in Hollywood is like being a Chick-fil-A sandwich on the snack table at Glee,” he joked, according to Fox News.

Game Change won four Emmys in total and it wasn’t the only politically-charged drama to win big, either. Homeland – the national security drama – made winners of its two lead stars, Claire Danes and Damian Lewis as well as taking home the Outstanding Drama Series award.

Being Flynn Trailer

For most of his life, Nick Flynn has never known his father. He has remained absent for most of his life, serving time in prison for forging cheques. Nick's father, called Jonathan, is a self-proclaimed poet and spent most of his time in prison writing letters and poems.

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Crazy Stupid Love Trailer

Cal Weaver and his wife Emily live a perfect sub-urban life, kids, a pleasant house and a good job he can rely on. Everything is perfect, until Emily reveals that she's had an affair and wishes to divorce her high-school love.

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The Kids Are All Right Trailer

Nic and Jules are a married couple and they have two kids, Joni and Laser who refer to them as 'moms'. Both women were artificially inseminated with sperm from a donor and as the kids grow up, a now 15 year old laser starts to wonder who his biological father is and what he's like. Being only 15 he asks his older sister Joni to investigate into who the donor was.

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Chloe Trailer

Watch the trailer for Chloe

Continue: Chloe Trailer

A Single Man Trailer

Watch the trailer for A Single Man

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I'm Not There Review

We first meet the real Bob Dylan, lit by a spotlight and blowing into a harmonica with his eyes turned ever-downward, at the very end of Todd Haynes' I'm Not There. (The footage comes from a concert filmed in the 1960's.) Though there are six evocations of our hero's persona and dozens of references to his words and images, his actual visage is kept under lock and key until the solemn credits. To Haynes, the mystery of who the man is behind closed doors should stay that way: Behind closed doors tends to be pretty tedious if not downright boring. It's more fun to extrapolate: In the open valleys of cultural myth, a celebrity can become any number of things.

At first, he's a young, train-hopping wanderer who has taken the name Woody (Marcus Carl Franklin), from his hero Woody Guthrie. He also plays a guitar with "This Machine Kills Fascism" painted on it. Later, the man appears as an aged Billy the Kid (Richard Gere) who can't understand why the locals are being bullied out of their land by a decrepit Pat Garrett (Bruce Greenwood). Fitfully, the sequences are shot in the dusty browns of Peckinpah and the hippie westerns of the late 1960s and 1970s. Both stories, along with the others, are consistently interrupted by a press conference with poet Arthur Rimbaud (Ben Whishaw), who speaks in a particularly American sarcasm while scrutinizing everyone who questions him, half-mumbling with cigarette in hand.

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Next Review

If the protagonist of Next were to use his ability to peer two minutes into the future before watching Next, he'd probably have enough to go on to skip it altogether. That's how long it takes to tell the movie will be high on concept and low on content. To find out just how bad it gets, though, he'd have to watch the whole film.

Nicolas Cage plays Cris Johnson, a Las Vegas entertainer disguising his true abilities with a cheesy stage show. FBI Agent Callie Ferris (Julianne Moore) has decided that the best way to stop a smuggled nuclear bomb from detonating somewhere in the U.S. is to use Johnson's talent for prognostication. Never mind the fact that he can only see two minutes into the future, giving her a very brief window in which to act if he were to see the bomb. That's about the level of logic at which this film operates.

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Nine Months Review

Nine Months has all the makings of an incredible disaster. First, its star (Hugh Grant) is arrested for lewd conduct. Second, it's a remake of a French film (Neuf Mois), always a huge negative. Finally, it's a comedy decidedly for adults which is directed by the infantile Chris Columbus, the man who brought us the Home Alone franchise and Mrs. Doubtfire.

Imagine my shock; Nine Months is pretty good.

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A Map Of The World Review

What American Beauty did for the suburbs, A Map of the World aims to do for the farm life.

I said "aims," of course. A Map of the World is deeply flawed yet still worth a look, especially if you're into grandiose, weepy, self-important dramas. And hey, who isn't?

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The Shipping News Review

Kevin Spacey is the Spock of serious actors. He's dependable, methodical, passionless, a huge fan of saying everything by saying nothing at all. He tends to gravitate towards characters hiding some sort of fiery secret pain by denying themselves exterior displays of emotion or excitement. In certain films, this really works, thus earning Spacey a reputation as on of Hollywood's best working actors. In The Shipping News however, it bombs badly.

It's not really Spacey's fault, it's just the script. Spacey is Quoyle, a newly single father, after his slutty whore of a wife (Cate Blanchett) is killed while selling their daughter on the black market to earn spending cash for her latest biker boyfriend. Quoyle spends his time grieving and in denial and soon decides to follow a long lost aunt to the homeland of his family in Newfoundland. There, he stumbles into a job as the shipping news reporter for the local newspaper.

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An Ideal Husband Review

Get ready from Romance... British style.

The Victorians were well known for keeping a stiff upper lip about everything, and their romance was absolutely no exception. Their entire world was constructed around subtlety, and, in tune with that, the one word that can be used to describe An Ideal Husband is subtle.

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Far From Heaven Review

Todd Haynes must have a thing for torturing poor Julianne Moore, and what'd she ever do to him?

First she was reduced to an allergic-to-everything blob of flesh in Safe. Now she's emotionally torn asunder as her husband goes gay and the only man she can turn to happens to be black.

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Assassins Review

Very Good
Okay, I admit it. I was expecting something horrible like Judge Dredd when I sat down for Assassins. Instead, imagine my surprise to find a nicely-crafted action thriller that does not feature Sylvester Stallone making a bunch of "witty" remarks.

Assassins is essentially an updating of a well-established story line. Robert Rath (Stallone) is the best in the world at what he does--killing people for money. But he's getting tired of it all and wants out of the business. Unfortunately, you can't just give two weeks notice to your faceless hit contractor; it's a bit more difficult than that. So it's understandable that Rath barely flinches when he finds out Miguel Bain (Antonio Banderas), the #2 assassin, is after him.

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World Traveler Review

On the road with Billy Crudup may be an adventure for some, but this plodding, episodic series of ministories, held together by miles and miles of unending miles and miles won't do it for everyone. It will help if you think he's as appealing as some of the women in the story do -- there's no denying a charismatic force when you see one -- but this journey, its real purpose hidden until the last act, makes 103 minutes seem like 206.

Cal (Crudup) is a Manhattan architect with a wife and 3-year old son who, for a largely unexplained reason, is discontent. His interior landscape is entirely his own, as he revels in the brooding inner drive that propels him to abandon his family and set out on the road. To help convey the mental anguish he's experiencing, the film employs hallucinatory images, flashbacks, time phase cuts, and other borrowings from films like the successful Memento, though without the consistency or effectiveness of that fine work.

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Evolution Review

Here's my candidate for most creative casting of 2001....

In Evolution, you get David Duchovny, (former) star of TV's The X-Files who has failed miserably to cross over to any kind of success in film. Julianne Moore, former independent darling before she started making movies like The Lost World and Hannibal. Orlando Jones, 7-Up pitchman and easily typecast goofball. And Seann William Scott, whose most visible role was as a stoner in Dude, Where's My Car?

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The End Of The Affair Review


Even if "The End of the Affair" didn't invite comparisons to "The English Patient" with Ralph Fiennes' auto-pilot performance as another reflective World War II-era Englishman immersed heart and soul in an adulterous love affair, this Neil Jordan adaptation of Graham Greene's novel would still be an ambitious misfire.

Beset by the oversimplification of abstract and heavy concepts of heart, mind and religion, the film looks beautiful with its foggy and well-heeled London society appointments, and it's nothing if not emotional, what with the likes of Fiennes and Julianne Moore as the (naturally!) doomed lovers and Jordan staple Stephen Rea as the betrayed, milquetoast husband/best friend.

But while Jordan's talent for screenwriting and direction are evidenced in dialogue ("I'm jealous of these shoes because they take you away from me. I'm jealous of this stocking because it kisses your entire leg...") and structure (Fiennes' point of view transitions into Moore's as he reads her stolen diary), the director's use of other stale and banal plot devices betray the pedestrian underpinnings of this seemingly complex film.

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The Hours Review

Very Good

"The Hours" is an Oscar voter's nightmare. An adaptation of Michael Cunningham's novel about three women in three different time periods whose lives are profoundly affected by Virginia Woolf's "Mrs. Dalloway," the film features equally magnificent performances of nearly equal screen time from three of the best actresses working in film today.

Meryl Streep submerges herself in the self-sacrificing soul of Clarissa Vaughan, a modern Manhattan book editor whose longtime dear friend -- and volatile ex-lover -- Richard (Ed Harris) likes to ruffle her feathers by comparing her to the heroine of Woolf's book. Both women are externally serene, perfectionist party-throwers hiding deep reservoirs of regret over missed opportunities while living lives as mother-hen caretakers to others.

Julianne Moore plays Laura Brown, a fragile, pregnant 1950s housewife in the midst of reading "Mrs. Dalloway," whose deep depression (like Woolf's) and suicidal musings (like Dalloway's) go all but unnoticed by everyone except her young son (Jack Rovello), who clings to her apron strings with worry.

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Julianne Moore

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Julianne Moore

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3rd December, 1960








Julianne Moore Movies

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This film feels kind of like what you'd expect from a collision between George Clooney...

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle Trailer

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Trailer

For those who knew him, Gary Unwin (better known as Eggsy to his friends), was...

Maggie's Plan Movie Review

Maggie's Plan Movie Review

A New York comedy with vivid characters and a contrived plot, this feels rather a...

Maggie's Plan Trailer

Maggie's Plan Trailer

Maggie's has always been practically minded and now that she's in her thirties and has...

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Movie Review

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Movie Review

Suzanne Collins' saga comes to a suitably epic conclusion in a climactic series of battles...

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 Final Trailer

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 Final Trailer

Katniss Everdeen is determined to take down President Snow once and for all. Too many...

Freeheld - Clip Trailer

Freeheld - Clip Trailer

Laurel Hester and Stacie Andree couldn't be more different. While the former is a highly...

Freeheld Trailer

Freeheld Trailer

Laurel Hester is a high-ranking New Jersey police detective who is hugely respected at work....

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 - Join The Revolution Trailer

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 - Join The Revolution Trailer

Having successfully rescued Peeta and the other Hunger Games victors, Katniss Everdeen is feeling the...

Altman Movie Review

Altman Movie Review

This isn't a tell-all doc about the iconic filmmaker: it's a love letter from his...