Julianne Hough broke down in tears while praising her older sister.

The 26-year-old singer/songwriter made an emotional speech in which she praised her older sister, Sharee Wise, admitting her sibling inspired her to get into dancing.

When asked by 'Guardians of the Galaxy' actress Zoe Saldana who she counts as a hero in AOL Originals web series 'My Hero', the 'Dancing with the Stars' judge looked to Sharee and said: ''So anyway, when they came to me, I immediately thought of you.''

The 'Rock of Ages' actress choked up as she delivered a message about the inspirational family member, praising her sibling for being the one ''consistent'' person in her life.

She gushed: ''You have literally been the one person that I've looked up to who's been consistent in my life, and when I see who you are as a mother and as a sister and as a wife, you kind of inspired everything, basically, to be where I'm at today,''

The star concluded her teary tribute by saying: ''You started with your dance and performing and you were kind of the first person to do everything. And we followed in your footsteps, so I owe a lot to you.''