Julianne Hough takes dance breaks to remain productive.

The 31-year-old actress and dancer loves to get up and dance when she is losing concentration and says the movement break always helps her to get back on track with her work.

Speaking to Travelandleisure.com, Julianne said: ''I'm not telling people to do some choreographed routine or anything but just, like get up and dance to feel-good music. When you have an emotional charge that brings your vibration up to a higher state I think that you can be more productive.''

Julianne has launched her own dance workouts, via her company Kinrgy, and she is excited that people can still take part in the classes while quarantining at home amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The award winning choreographer explained: ''Being able to serve and reach people through technology has been honestly a really big blessing [because] we can now serve and connect with people now globally.''

And Julianne is also enjoying getting out in nature and running whenever she can.

She said: ''I kind of reframed working out a little bit. I used to hate to run, I felt like running was a chore and I've been running in the morning, and it's not like a far run, but just a little jog in the morning that I've never done before.

''It's about the connection to nature and meeting people and saying hello for the first time. I feel even more connected to my home and the people that are around me, yet I feel like I have time for myself.''