Julia Stiles appeared to have a mini-meltdown after landing at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday (17th August 2011). The 'Mona Lisa Smile' star initially appeared red faced as she reached the baggage carousel, but became considerably more upset just minutes later.
According to the UK's Daily Mail, Julia appeared "flushed and blotchy" while waiting for her luggage, before bursting into tears and leaning up against the wall as she sobbed. The actress later composed herself and briefly smiled for the cameras. Although the reason for the meltdown is unclear, some passengers suggested a phone call she received shortly before leaving the terminal may have delivered bad news. However, she could also have been upset at some lost luggage as she didn't appear to be carrying any when leaving the carousel. The actress most recently had a guest role in the drama series 'Dexter', for which she scooped an Emmy Award and was nominated for a Golden Globe. The show follows Michael C. Hall's character Dexter Morgan, a police worker who becomes a murderer in his spare time.
Stiles will soon begin work on the movie adaptation of Sylvia Plath's classic semi-autobiographical tale 'The Bell Jar'. The actress will portray book editor Esther Greenwood (based on Plath), who is slowly taken over by mental illness.