Former SEINFELD star Julia Louis-Dreyfus is keeping her clothes on after two embarrassing naked encounters.

The sexy star stripped off for a session in a Koreatown spa in Los Angeles recently - but was mortally embarrassed when she was recognised.

She says, "It was wild. There were ladies scrubbing and squatting by all these tubs and I'm there with my friend and all of a sudden this woman comes over to me and shrieks,'Oh my God, you're ELAINE from Seinfeld!'

"I'm completely naked and she asked me if I had a picture. It was a strange experience."

It wasn't the first time, the actress was caught baring all.

She reveals, "I went to a nude beach in St Barts (Caribbean) and I thought, 'Everyone's topless, I'm gonna be cool like all these Europeans,' and all of a sudden I hear, 'Julie? Julie Dreyfus?' and it's this kid from my high school.

"This guy named JAY came walking over and I had to pretend that I wasn't really topless and I talked to him for 15 minutes. So embarrassing."