LATEST: Julia Louis-Dreyfus reunited with her co-stars from Seinfeld when she guest hosted US comedy show Saturday Night Live this weekend (13MAY06). During her opening monologue the actress, who played ELAINE BENES on the hit series, showed a video clip of her bumping into co-star Jason Alexander and talking about the "Seinfeld Curse". The curse states that no Seinfeld star - including Louis-Dreyfus, Alexander, Michael Richards or JERRY SEINFELD - has ever gone on to star in a successful sitcom. After the two chat, Alexander is hit by a cab. Back in the studio, the actress insists she doesn't believe in the curse, before a stage light falls next to her. The culprit is revealed to be Jerry Seinfeld, who cut the light down with a pair of hedge clippers. Louis-Dreyfus started her career on Saturday Night Live 21 years ago and made history by becoming the first female cast member to return to host the show. In another memorable moment, former US Vice President Al Gore was featured in the opening skit, appearing in a parallel universe where he was successfully elected as the US President. The comedy sketch showed what a Gore-run US would look like including no global warming, cars that run on rubbish, ridiculously low gas prices and a $11 trillion (GBP6 trillion) budget surplus.