Julia Louis-Dreyfus returns in the new series of the US political comedy Veep, created by Armando Ianucci.

Armando had great success with the British political satire In the Loop and The Thick of It and has done a great job of translating that success to the US political system. Julia Louis-Dreyfus stars as Vice President Selina Meyer, an ambitious politician with her eyes on the president’s job.

Julia Louis Dreyfus
Julia Louis Dreyfus, Matt Walsh, Anna Chlumsky at the Veep premiere

 “To me, the best thing is to tap into her narcissism and frustrations combined," Julia told USA Today. "It's just a really yummy area to tell stories and good jokes… She never desired to be vice president, and yet she finds herself in this position. She's trying to negotiate and navigate the waters of the executive branch as best she can." In reward for last season’s performance, Julia landed herself an Emmy and judging by the clip hosted on USA Today, Season 2 will provide even more biting comedy, to keep viewers entertained. And viewers,. they have by the bucketload. Last season, the HBO show averaged 1 million viewers (4 million after DVR and on-demand plays were factored in).

 Joining the cast this time are Gary Cole (who played the VP in The West Wing) and Kevin Dunn as the White House chief of staff. 

Kevin Dunn
Kevin Dunn: a new addition to Veep, at the show's season two premiere 

Gary Cole
Gary Cole, a new star of Veep