Dame Judi Dench fired her agent on the spot after she was dropped 80ft into a pool of water at a theme park.

The 87-year-old star has recalled how she once went to Universal Studios, where she was advised to board a ride, but she didn't realise the outcome would see her plunging into water.

She said: "We were out in Los Angeles and my agent said, 'I've got to take you to Universal Studios.'

"I told her I didn't want anything that shoots me up into the air. So we were in little boats, and it was absolutely charming.

"And then suddenly we dropped 80ft into a pool of water. I was so angry .. I fired her at that minute. I said, 'You are f****** fired.' "

Judi was diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), in 2012, and admits it is now "annoying" to learn lines due to her eyesight.

She said: "I can’t read any more, which is very, very boring. I can’t see.

"It’s annoying learning parts."

But the 'Belfast' actress can still appreciate artwork, such as a drawing of a rabbit by Years and Years' Olly Alexander, which she has up in her bathroom.

Speaking to Olly on the 'Acting For Others Presents' podcast, she added: "Do you remember that drawing you did for me? The rabbit?

"It is right in the loo, right beside me. It is so beautiful."

In July, Judi admitted she will never retire.

She said: "Slowing down? How dare you! How dare you. I’m slowing down only in that I can’t see to read. But I will find a way."

Despite a string of awards over the years - including 10 BAFTAs, one Oscar from eight nominations, and seven Oliviers - the 'Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' actress insisted she never takes her success for granted.

She added "No, no. You can do something that is a success and then for the next thing you could go a*** over t**. You can’t ever take it for granted and it’s right that we shouldn’t.”