Dame Judi Dench still fears getting sacked.

The 88-year-old actress has had a successful career for decades but still has moments of self-doubt and insisted she never takes any of her jobs for granted.

Asked if she’s ever suffered from self-doubt, she told Good Housekeeping magazine: “Yes of course there have been moments.

“Whenever I arrive for rehearsals, I have to leave my bag nearest to the door so I can make a quick getaway in case they sack me.

“I don’t think that fear of losing a job should ever leave any of us.

“Not when there are so many hundreds of people just behind you.

“I never take a part for granted – and I never will.”

The ‘Quantum of Solace’ star believes it is important to always look for the pluses in life and can find small pleasures in everyday things.

She said: “That came from a great friend and it’s become my kind of mantra.

“Sometimes in life, you think all the minuses are stored up against you, but there are always pluses to be found if you look hard enough for them.

“For me, it’s the fact that [my daughter] Finty is happy and enjoying her work, it’s seeing my grandson do wonderful things and it’s having great friends who I can laugh with and talk to about absolutely anything.

“All of those things are absolutely vital to me.”

Judi is very close to her 26-year-old grandson Sam and he calls her every day to make her laugh.

Asked if it’s true he describes her as the most childish person he knows, she said: “Yes – I’m quite shocked that he said it but it’s probably quite true.

“He rings me up and tells me a joke each day, which is extremely nice.”