Dame Judi Dench accidentally made a naked phone call to two fellow actors.

The 88-year-old actress' daughter, Finty Williams, had called her and asked her to wish Chris Logan a happy birthday just as she was getting into the bathtub, so she quickly rang her pal - but didn't realise she was making a video call and the 'Now You See Me 2' actor and their mutual friend Ben Whishaw got much more than they were expecting.

Appearing on BBC Radio 2, Judi - who is losing her sight to macular degeneration - told DJ Zoe Ball: "I can’t see, Zoe. I can’t see at all, so my phone is an anathema to me, I don’t know what all those buttons are for.

"Anyway, Fint rang me one morning and said, 'It’s Chris Logan’s birthday and he’s having a walk with Ben Whishaw in Regent’s Park, please wish him happy birthday.'

"And then I went upstairs, got into my bath and I thought. 'Ooh I must send Chris Logan a happy birthday message.' "So I picked up my phone and I said, 'Chris, happy, happy…', and I just saw these two people turn and [look really shocked].

"Well, it was FaceTiming them… I don’t know about FaceTime. Poor Chris… happy birthday!"

Zoe quipped: "What a birthday message. You can’t top that though, can you?!"

The 'Skyfall' actress previously revealed she loves swimming naked.

Speaking on the 'That's After Life' podcast, she said: “Well I do know the feeling of taking all your clothes off is just heaven isn’t it? I had to do it in a film, ‘Langrishe, Go Down’, in a passionate scene with Jeremy Irons where she puts cream on her nipples and he licks it off.

“And after we did the scene, we came out and it was teatime and the caterers had made meringues. That was very, very nice for us. Swimming naked is very good.”

And although she’s a fan of stripping off, she doesn’t want anyone to watch her do it.

She added: “I do that because we are lucky as we have a pool and you can quite happily do it sometimes if somebody isn’t going to come around suddenly. I don’t want to be caught at it.”