Dame Judi Dench and her daughter Finty Williams are like "Velcro".

The 88-year-old actress moved in with Finty's 25-year-old son Sam amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and the trio have subsequently developed a big following on TikTok, with Finty likening their relationship to "three-way Velcro".

She explained: "It started because my son was isolating with my mother - she needed him and he was happy to move in. They would occasionally rope me in, although I'm not sure I really understand TikTok at all.

"It wasn't all rosy - I would have calls from both of them, sometimes simultaneously. I'd get Sam on the mobile saying: 'You won't believe what your mother has done!' And she would be on the landline saying: 'Your son is the most irritating person!'"

The trio have entertained TikTok users by singing, dancing and telling jokes, and Finty loves that they have such a strong and friendly relationship.

She told the Daily Mail newspaper's Alison Boshoff column: "The relationship that they have is wonderful.

"We are like Velcro, the three of us - if you can have such a thing as three-way Velcro."

Finty is also hugely proud of her son and the success that he's managed to achieve on TikTok.

The actress said: "I am sure every mother says this, but I am so proud of Sam. He is just a really great human being."

Meanwhile, Judi previously revealed that her grandson gives her "strict" instructions about their TikTok videos.

Asked to describe Sam's approach, she replied: "Strict! Very strict. I'd say 'we'll do it now' and he'd say, 'No, you can't do it now, you're not good enough. Do it again, do it again!'

"We were lucky [during lockdown]. Finty was not with us but Sammy and I were very lucky to be together. Thank Goodness for the phone and FaceTime."