Dame Judi Dench gets “frightened” when she finishes an acting job.

The 87-year-old actress admitted it is always a relief when she’s cast in a new project because, despite her legendary reputation, she always worried no one will want to hire her again.

She told Reader’s Digest magazine: “I’ve always thought, ‘One is very lucky to be employed.’

“I always get frightened at the end of the job because I think I’m not going to be employed again and then feel very relieved at the beginning of the next one.”

Despite her decades of success, Judi admitted she still feels nervous when she lands a new job.

She exclaimed: “I’ll say! I get more anxious now.

“Oh yes, much more anxious.

“There’s more things to consider and more things to find out and more things to learn about. And you think, ‘Oh God, have I got the energy to do this?’ “

When it comes to looking for new roles, the ‘Belfast’ star is always on the hunt for something different to anything she’s done before.

She said: “I just, really, always hope that I will be asked to do something different.

“And perhaps not expected. Or something that has no reference to anything I’ve done before.”

In ‘Belfast’, Judi has worked with director Sir Kenneth Branagh for the 12th time and she always loves their collaborations.

She said: “I just love working with him. I just love it.

“It’s very varied, all the things I’ve done with Ken. And I’ve directed him and been directed by him and been in things with him. It’s always different.”