In February (15), Bonham Carter stunned fans when she was pictured nude and straddling a giant tuna as part of a drive to urge shoppers to purchase only sustainably caught seafood.

Now her fellow actresses Dench, Christie, and Wanamaker, along with Irish star Fiona Shaw, have taken part in a similar shoot to show their support for the Fishlove campaign.

Dench, who posed clutching a lobster to her chest, says, "The best part of the shoot was that it's not every day you get to cuddle a lobster. The worst part was, I didn't get to eat it!"

Don't Look Now star Christie, who was snapped covered by 80 fish caught off the south coast of England, says, "None of us should buy fish, including tinned, without checking its sustainability and in what manner it's caught, including at supermarkets."

Wanamaker posed lying on her back with a huge Blonde Ray covering her torso, and Harry Potter star Shaw is shown expressing mock terror as she holds a red snapper, adding, "I had a huge dream about swimming with a giant fish the night after the shoot. Scary!"