Jude Law used to ''bunk off'' school to watch movies.

The 40-year-old actor - who attended Alleyn's School, in Dulwich, south London, before joining Corelli College, which specialised in the Arts - admits he was a ''film geek'' who skipped class to watch the latest hits.

Speaking to Empire magazine, he said: ''I was just a massive film geek. I would bunk off and go and watch three of four movies then go home and I'd pretend I'd been at school. I did that for weeks. I was obsessed with theatre and movies.''

Jude - who has 16-year-old Rafferty, 12-year-old Iris and 11-year-old Rudy with ex-wife Sadie Frost and daughter Sophia, four, with American model Samantha Burke - reflects more on his younger years now that his children are growing up and thinks about what he was doing when he was their age, and can't believe his eldest son is almost the same age he was when he launched his career on the TV soap 'Families'.

He explained: ''I only look back and reflect on how young I was really, and I only do that because as your children get older you have a flashback to what you were doing when you were their age... What shocked me recently was that my son's only a year off the age I was when I first went to work.

''I don't often analyse the choices I was making back then, because I was just keen.''