Jude Law today learned for the first time that his own relatives sold salacious stories about his personal relationship with actress Sienna Miller to the British tabloid News of the World. In the midst of the phone hacking trial brought against NOTW's former editor Rebekah Brooks and others, the actor told an Old Bailey courtroom that he had no idea an immediate member of his family had allegedly sold information about his private life.

Jude Law
Jude Law Stated In The Trial That He Had No Knowledge Of Any Family Member Selling Stories.

The 41 year-old actor told the court in the trial that the first time he had heard that his "immediate family" members were paid for information around the time in 2005 that it was reported that Miller had had an affair with the actor Daniel Craig. Giving evidence in the phone hacking trial, Law told the court that the media had "an unhealthy amount of information" about his life at this time and that he was followed around by photographers even when he'd arranged plans in secret

Asked whether he was aware that any of his family had spoken to the newspaper, Law answered: "No, I did not know that anyone around me was talking to the newspapers, although I suspected it because there was such a flow of information [...] I suspected many people over that period of time."

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The Actor Recalled An "Unhealthy Amount Of Information" About Him That Made Its Way To Press.

"I was aware later around 2011, maybe later than that, at the time I was approached about the case that the NOTW had been in contact with people in my family, trying to find things out, asking for quotes," the Alfie actor claimed.

The former News Of The World editor Andy Coulson's lawyer, Timothy Langdale QC, questioned Law about the 2005 story and wrote down a name on a piece of paper to show the actor, according to Sky News. In response to reading the name, which was not read out in court, Law replied "I have never been aware of that, getting paid for it."

"I was made aware very recently there had been some kind of communication with this person and several others in and around the time, this period. I was never aware any money changed hands," the star explained.

To clarify, Law was asked "Can you tell me the when it was that you discovered a relative had been in conversation with the News of the World?" to which he replied: "That was more recently. That was in the autumn of last year."

Sienna Miller
The NOTW Story In Questioned Pertained To Sienna Miller's Alleged Affair With Daniel Craig.

Law said that he had telephoned Craig to confront him about the affair and suggested that the James Bond actor should tell his own girlfriend about it. However, Law could not recall if the phonecall had taken place before or after NOTW had printed the story but stated that he had not left a voicemail. "There seemed to be an unhealthy amount of information that people, or someone, had that meant they had access to my life and my whereabouts," said Law from the witness box.

He said he had discovered only when he was approached by the police in relation to phone hacking by Glenn Mulcaire, a private investigator who worked for the News of the World, that a named family member had been speaking to the paper. The actor recalled being played clips of voicemail messages he had sent to his children's nanny by police and said he was "shocked to see the amount of information accumulated."

Rebekah Brooks
Central To The Phone Hacking Trial, Rebekah Brooks Faces Five Charges.

In the trial, Brooks and Coulson are joined by six others who are being examined throughout the forecast five month trial. All eight defendants have reportedly pleaded not guilty to the charges and are fighting to prove their innocence. Brooks faces five charges spanning a decade, one of which relates to conspiring to hack phones. Of the four other charges, two pertain to conspiring to commit misconduct in public office and the other two relate to conspiring to pervert to course of justice.

Meanwhile, Coulson is facing charges related to phone hacking as well as allegations connected to corrupt payments.

The trial continues.