In Dom Hemingway, Jude Law plays a man bent on getting his just deserves. Having spent 12 years in prison, keeping his mouth shut like a good boy and eating his porridge, he’s back on the streets of London.

Don Hemingway, Jude Law's bumSee what Jude Law got up to as Dom Hemingway?

Larger than life, outspoken and vulgar, this was a chance for Law to let loose, as he explained on the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival.

“He's got the most extraordinary, poetic and yet vulgar way of expressing himself. He loves the sound of his own voice; he does have an almost Falstaffian power with words,” explained Law. “I like that idea that he was a man who had completely gone to seed and really let himself go spiritually, physically and mentally, but didn't quite realise it himself.”

Watch Jude Law talk about Dom Hemingway:

But Law isn’t the only strong character in the film. Richard E. Grant – so often involved in the best Britain has to offer cinema – stars opposite him as Dickie. They’re both “walking disasters” according to the veteran Grant.

“What's so interesting, for me, is that [director Richard Shepard] is an American writer/director and he's written two quintessentially English roles. And these guys are failing upwards all the time,” he explains. “They're just total walking disasters, everything they do goes wrong and maybe that's more realistic about what a lot of people's lives are like.”

Richard E. Grant on "quintessentially English roles" in Don Hemingway:

The film has been a hit with the critics so far, with many suggesting that the British actor could even be in line for Academy recognition. In fact, we’ve been touting that line too.

Variety said: "Dom Hemingway gives [Jude Law] a chance to sink his teeth into one of the meatiest personalities in a genre known for larger-that-life types." wrote, "A marvelous lead character, and Jude Law, a little puffier and hairier than usual, turns in a career best performance." We Got This Covered said it’s "A stunning, must-see performance by Jude Law helps propel Dom Hemingway into one of the first must-see films of 2014."

If Law is the hardened, vulgar criminal we’ve painted him to be, how is his estranged daughter, Evelyn, going to be? You guessed it: hard as nails. “For a girl who's been through so much having been Dom Hemingway's very rejected daughter, she still is so incredibly resilient and has so much to give and so much soul that I read the part and it just kind of screamed at me,” explained Emilia Clarke, who plays the tough female character.

Emilia Clarke talks about her Don Hemingway character, Evelyn:

Don Hemingway is out on November 15th in the U.K, and U.S audiences will have to wait until April 4th to see the bloated criminal wreak havoc.