Fans of the iconic band recently launched a fundraising drive to buy the home where Curtis committed suicide in 1980 after it went on the market for $184,000 (£115,000).

The campaign on has struggled to bring in funds, and had raised just $3,082 (£1,926) as WENN went to press, so Curtis' former bandmate Hook has stepped in to help.

He says of the drive, "I think it's a great compliment if someone wants to make it into a museum for a group that culturally changed music, not once but twice. Ian has such a fantastic legacy and the fact people are inspired by it all around the world can only be a good thing. So I think someone should turn it into a b**ody museum. We should have a b**ody museum in (English city) Manchester, too."

Hook also dismissed his former bandmate Bernard Sumner's claims that turning the house into a memorial might upset Curtis' widow Deborah, adding, "I know Bernard said it would be disrespectful to Debbie but that's rubbish, how can it be disrespectful?"

Curtis was portrayed by British actor Sam Riley in 2007 biopic Control.