Joss Stone’s uterus split during a 32-hour labour to deliver her second child.

The singer, 35, said her plan to have a natural birth was changed when she had to undergo an emergency caesarean due to hours of pain while having her son Shackleton in October,

She also told how her newborn son’s heart rate dipped so low doctors only had “around 14 minutes” to deliver him alive.

Joss told The Sun on Sunday (11.12.22): “My baby’s heartbeat started dropping and I had this intense pain. I heard his little heartbeat go down and down.

“I said, ‘Something’s happened to my baby!’ and the nurse grabbed the phone to call the obstetric emergency team.

“What I didn’t realise at the time is that my uterus had split open and my baby’s head was stuck in my abdomen.

“You only know it’s happened because the baby’s heart rate plummets, and at that point, the doctors only have around 14 minutes to get your baby out alive.

“The room filled up with people to prepare me for going to the operating room. I remember the surgeon said, ‘We got this,’ and I think she fist-bumped me. I could feel it all (the surgery), so they decided to administer general anaesthetic.”

Joss and her newborn were not discharged from hospital for three days after the procedure and she said she is “still recovering” and has to be careful when picking up her 21-month-old daughter Violet, who she shares with her 32-year-old partner Cody DaLuz.

Despite the experience, the singer added she hopes to welcome “loads” more kids in future.

Joss also revealed she had a miscarriage that was “horrible” and “not something you ever get over” in October 2021, before she got pregnant with Shackleton.