Josh Lucas once dumped a girlfriend by text message.

The 'Death in Love' star - who has been dating 'State of Play' actress Rachel McAdams since January - ended a romance using his cell phone because he didn't want to do it in person.

He said: "Sadly I have done that. But I'm sickeningly embarrassed about it to this day!"

Josh has also revealed he keeps his cell phone with him at all times because it contains raunchy material.

He said: "I absolutely do! That is why I have a serious lock on the thing. You would have to smash it."

The 37-year-old hunk, who has reportedly moved in with Rachel, says the couple make every effort to spend quality time together.

He added to the New York Daily News newspaper: "If you don't end up sitting down and really having face time, and saying 'Hi, who are you, what are you about,' smelling their breath and seeing how they taste, it makes a huge difference."