POSEIDON star Josh Lucas is convinced his latest movie experience has made him the perfect partner because, after playing a creepy, violent con man, he now wants to be settled and stable.
In Death In Love, the actor portrays a sick misogynist who treats women terribly, but he insists the dark role gave him fresh perspective when it comes to his romance with actress Rachel MCAdams.
He tells WENN, "It made me want a different kind of love in my life, that's for sure. It made me absolutely not want to ever feel this level of pain that I was willing to do to myself and other people for the character. It made me want to stay away from the kind of relationship where you're in a cycle of destruction with each other.
"After this film I really hungered to find a much lighter tone in my love life. I was very proud that I went there for the film but I didn't feel for one second the desire to live that in real life. Now I completely want something that is saner and stabler and solid and loving.
"I think, before, I probably had that bad boy, dangerous thing, wanting that bad girl. I really have shifted away from that, particularly when, in my experience, you've done that for years and years. You end up angry and miserable and heartbroken afterwards.
"Looking back, I think, 'How did I spend seven years doing that?' and I'm sure the woman I was with is saying the exact same thing."
Lucas, whose exes include actresses Salma Hayek and Alexa Davalos, knows The Notebook star MCAdams is the girl for him - because he shares so many passions with her: "Rachel is actually probably one of the most truly committed environmental people I've ever come in contact with in my life. She lives it. We have that immediately in common."