Josh Hutcherson misses hanging out with Liam Hemsworth.

The 22-year-old actor has admitted that he will miss his 'Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1' co-star Liam now that the franchise has finished filming.

Josh - who plays Peeta Mellark in the movie - said: ''I'm gonna miss coming back to basecamp and seeing Liam's door, his trailer door open and just being to jump right in there. Listen to some music, chill out, eat some trail mix.

''We still spend a lot of time together. Just not 13 hours at a time.''

His filming buddy Liam - who plays Gale Hawthorne - revealed that he misses his best friend and their leading lady Jennifer Lawrence.

When asked what he misses the most, the 24-year-old actor told Digital Spy: ''Just hanging out together. We're so fortunate to become such good friend throughout it. Jen, Josh and I, it will be sad not to spend that much time together.''

The boys also praised the fans who take the time to wait outside the film premieres.

Liam said: ''I think when anyone is that excited to meet you, it's flattering. It's odd at first but it's really nice that someone's that happy to meet you.''

Talking about awards season, Stanley Tucci - who plays Caesar Flickerman - made a bid for his character to host the annual Academy Awards show.

He joked: ''I see no reason why he shouldn't host the Academy Awards. Without question.''