Rocker Josh Homme is lucky to be alive after surgery on his leg went wrong and he "died" on the operating table last year (10).
The Queens Of The Stone Age frontman was admitted to hospital to undergo an undisclosed medical procedure - but the surgery didn't go as planned.
Homme reveals he "died" during the operation but miraculously survived. He was then ordered by doctors to complete three months of bed rest - and he admits the recuperation period has given him a new outlook on life.
Homme tells Britain's NME, "I had an operation and died, and survived on the table. I had surgery on my leg and there were complications and I died on the table. I was in bed for three months, and I've never done that before so I had time to reflect.
"I got cleared in the middle of December to walk around again and get out (of) bed, so after three months of just living in my mind I was finally able to walk round again. So I just sprang into the new year, basically.
"It gave me a great perspective and it's amazing to be alive."