LOST actor Josh Holloway has revealed that he gives his wife 'kiss cards' every time he has to lock lips with one of his co-stars.

The TV star, who plays Sawyer in the hit show, told Bang Media International: "We have a little joke. She gets a free kiss card every time I have to kiss someone on the show. She's got loads now. I keep telling her, 'They expire at the end of the year you know, you'd better use them'."

He added that his steamy scenes with co-star Evangeline Lilly are often embarrassing as there are lots of cast and crew members watching.

Josh and his wife Yessica Kumala have been married since 2004 and are currently expecting their first child together.

The actor recently told Company magazine that he struggles to deal with his sex symbol status, saying: "I wouldn't wish it on anybody."

He added that while he loves acting he does not like the extra attention that comes with being famous.

26/01/2009 12:01:04