Josh Holloway hates "granny panties".

The 'Lost' actor - who has a 14-month-old daughter, Java, with his wife Yessica Kumala - loves looking at beautiful women in skimpy underwear but admits his biggest turn-off is oversized underwear and baggy clothing.

He said: "The hottest thing is lingerie. The least sexy outfit is baggy sweat pants and a large T-shirt. And granny panties!"

The 40-year-old hunk is also scared off by women who fill their bedroom with stuffed toys and wedding magazines.

He said in an interview in the June issue of Women's Health magazine: "One stuffed animal is fine, but if there are a lot, that's scary. Another warning sign is when a woman has too many pictures of herself around. And the worst: baby and bridal magazines!"

Although he is clear about what traits put him off a woman, Josh also knows what he likes and he adores women who are cute, pretty and hot.

He added: "It's nice if a woman has a bit of each. Cute is the fun part you play around with every day. Pretty is nice to look at. And hot is sex."

However, Josh hasn't always been the ideal boyfriend and was once smashed over the head with a picture frame as a teenager when his girlfriend found out he had cheated on her.

He said: "I had a girlfriend, but I agreed to go to another girl's prom at a different school. My girlfriend Busted me and broke a picture frame over my head. I believe it was a montage of photos of us. I didn't need stitches though. It was a nice, clean smash.