Sexy actress MONET MAZUR suffered a freak accident while filming 40 DAYS AND 40 NIGHTS and had to have "shards of glass" pulled out of her bottom.

Mazur attempts to seduce Josh Hartnett's character in one memorable scene, by straddling a photocopier and printing off a copy of her bottom - unfortunately, during rehearsal the machine shattered under her weight, leaving horrific cuts in her rear and thighs.

She explains, "The night before we shot that scene I went through a rehearsal with Josh. So I start coming on to him and then I slide up onto the Xerox machine. I slid up, I didn't just sit, and I wasn't on it for more than half a second when the glass shattered into a million pieces up my a*s.

"I mean the glass was like two inches thick, and I'm really not that heavy, so I don't know why that happened.

"The next thing I knew my bum was in the Xerox machine and my legs were sticking out. No one knew whether to laugh or freak out. In the end I had to go, 'Er could somebody please get me out?'

"Afterwards I went to pull down my skirt and realised I was cut up pretty bad. They wanted to send me to the emergency room, but there was no way I was going there to have stitches put in my butt.

"I did have to have shards of glass pulled out of my bottom with tweezers, though."

16/08/2004 21:07