Josh Groban misses performing in front of a live audience.

The 39-year-old singer/songwriter has been using livestreams to interact with his fans during the Covid-19 pandemic but admitted he misses the instant feedback that performers get from performing in front of a crowd.

He told Variety: "The comfort is a learning curve. Not hearing applause after a song is finished? I knew it would be awkward, but you never realize just how many inner demons singers have until there's crickets at the end of a live number. If you're doing a 90-minute show, it is a marathon for our energy level to not get validation.

"What helped, eventually, was interactive Q&As which added some spontaneous back-and-forth. It's a testament to how much we need to connect that we're OK with all this. The livestream experience could have been a failed experiment."

Josh also delighted his fans with his quirky #showersocials during lockdown, where he performed music from his bathroom.

He said: "I moved into a new house, had a keyboard in my bedroom, was asked to be part of an at-home concert series and, at some point, someone requested songs that were way more anthemic than the reverb in my bedroom suited. As a joke, I brought the iPad into my bathroom and told everyone I would sing in my shower if they sang along. When I finished, my manager texted to say how awesome it sounded, and that I should do more."