Josh Gad has revealed that his daughters are fed up of Olaf.

The 39-year-old actor voices the snowman in both 'Frozen' films but joked that his children, Ava, nine, and Isabella, six, prefer other Disney favourite Moana instead.

In an interview on 'The Graham Norton Show', to be aired tonight (29.05.20), Josh said: ''My girls really wish Moana is their father. They are somewhat over Olaf at this point.''

He added: ''I have to remind them that Olaf pays for their school, the roof over their head and those quesadillas they love eating. So Olaf isn't going anywhere soon if they want to keep eating and drinking!''

Josh also discussed his role as Mulch Diggums in Sir Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of 'Artemis Fowl' and admitted that he enjoyed getting the chance to act opposite Dame Judi Dench, as he never got the opportunity to do so on 'Murder on the Orient Express'.

He joked: ''It was incredible to be reunited with her and to play directly opposite her. I didn't get that opportunity on 'Orient Express' because she insisted that all her scenes were with Academy Award-winners and I didn't fit that bill!''

Josh previously joked that he would leave wife Ida Darvish for Dench as he has a ''crush'' on the former 'James Bond' star and couldn't wait to ''look into [her] eyes'' on the set of 'Murder on the Orient Express'.

He said: ''It goes beyond a crush. I flat out told my wife that if there was ever an opportunity, I would leave her for Dame Judi and the funny thing is she pretty much agreed to it.

''The first time she came into the make-up trailer, there as this silence because everyone was so intimidated. But - idiot that I am - I just walked over to her and said, 'Dame Judi Dench?' Only it came out sounding like, 'Damn Judi Dench'. Still, that was it. It broke the ice and allowed us to look into each other's eyes and see what was there ... Pure, unadulterated love.''

'The Graham Norton Show' airs on BBC One at 10.45pm on Friday (29.05.20).