Josh Duhamel says he and his ex-wife Fergie broke up because they "outgrew each other".

The former showbiz power couple went their separate ways in 2019 after a decade of marriage, and the 50-year-old actor now believes part of the reason for their split was because they had "very different interest", but he has "made peace" with that stage of his life.

Speaking in an 'In Depth With Graham Bensinger' interview, he said: "I think we kind of outgrew each other and had very different interests.

"I made peace with that part of my life. She and I have a great relationship. Both raising that boy together. There wasn’t anything wrong with it. We had a great time."

The 'All My Children' star - who has 10-year-old son Axl with former Black Eyed Peas star Fergie, 48 - feels fortunate that his ex is a "kind human", but the actor admitted he didn't ever feel "comfortable" living a Hollywood lifestyle.

He added: "The older I got, the more I wanted to come out [to North Dakota]. This is not for her.

"But I’ve got no hard feelings ... I’m very lucky that she’s a kind human. I really am.

Speaking about fame and the Hollywood lifestyle, he said: "I don’t think I ever really got comfortable with all of it. It was a lot. I just missed the simplicity of who I really am, you know?

"I’m just not a guy who is comfortable going to red carpets. Doing all the Hollywood stuff.

"Hollywood and L.A. and that whole lifestyle can suck the soul out of you if you’re not careful."

Last month, Josh - who is expecting a baby with his wife Audra Mari - insisted he and Fergie have the "same priorities".

He told ETCanada: "We both have the same priority, and that’s raising a good son. You know, we want him to be a good, kind, compassionate, hardworking, thoughtful young man. And we both have that common goal with him. And she’s easy to get along with. And that’s as simple as that.

"Kids are the best. I just absolutely love being a dad. I think you get to sort of relive your youth in a lot of ways through your kids’ eyes, watching them see things for the first time, watching them do and experience things for the first time.

"So that’s one of the beautiful things about getting to be a parent. And I get to do it again! And I couldn’t be more excited about it."