Scenic Route has finally been released on DVD in the USA after enjoying a limited, but well-received summer cinema outing. This Michael and Kevin Goetz, Josh Duhamel-starring indie premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival last March, which means you may have missed this surreal psychological thriller the first time round.

Scenic Route Josh Duhamel Dan Fogler
Josh Duhamel & Dan Fogler Are Two Friends Whose Roadtrip Goes Awry.

Here's why you shouldn't let it pass you by now: Josh Duhamel and Dan Fogler star in a movie of two halves. A man with a seemingly perfect life embarks on a roadtrip with one of his lifelong friends but their desert drive takes a darker turn when they break down in the middle of nowhere with no phone signal.

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Mitchell (Josh Duhamel) and Carter (Dan Fogler) are two friends with very different lives who find themselves stranded in the desert. However, in an unusual turn, Carter tells a driver who stops that he intentionally made the car stop so that he could catch up with Mitchell unimpeded.

The men do talk heart-to-heart but as the frozen desert night air sets in and chances of their rescue appear slimmer, tensions arise as they begin to criticise each other's lives. What starts out as comedic bickering turns nasty as blood is shed.

Scenic Route Josh Duhamel Dan Fogler Mountain
Mitchell & Carter Manage To Talk But Things Turn Nasty.

The movie is the directorial debut of Michael and Kevin Goetz with the added help of writer Kyle Killen ('The Beaver', 'Awake', 'Mind Games'). The movie has garnered 62% on Rotten Tomatoes, having received broadly positive reviews.

"The movie becomes a survival tale and is more successful in its grueling, slightly crazed second half," wrote The Hollywood Reporter whilst Hollywood's Aly Senigran says "Scenic Route is a movie that crawls under your skin and stays there for a while, thanks largely in part to its haunting ending."

Scenic Route Josh Duhamel Dan Fogler Car
The Men Are Forced To Fend For Themselves In The Desert Whilst They Await Rescue.

Scenic Route: this unexpected journey worth taking and is currently available on DVD in the USA.