Josh Duhamel can't wait to become a father.

The handsome actor says he and wife Fergie want to start a family in the future but denied rumours the Black Eyed Peas star was already pregnant.

He said: "We'll go there, at some point."

In his new movie, 'Life As We Know It', Josh plays the adoptive father of an orphaned child and says the role has helped prepare him for fatherhood.

He said: "I learned a lot from these kids. The amount of patience it takes, I guess, is the big thing."

Josh - who earlier this year renewed his marriage vows with Fergie ahead of their first wedding anniversary - has previously spoken of his desire to have children.

He said: "We're thinking about kids. I don't know when. She said that she'd be pregnant twice. So I said, 'Great, we'll have two sets of twins!' "

Following the renewal of their wedding vows, Josh it was the "best date" the couple have ever had.

The 'Transformers' actor said: "It was the best date we had ever. I got to surprise her. I said, 'Just be ready at 3 o'clock.' "